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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas


I just want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I look forward to lots of new crafting in the new year (with my new glue gun that I am getting for xmas) :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bobbles Galore

Evening all

Finally finished wrapping all the kids presents today.  And mine.  Cant wait to open it, got a glue gun and bracelets and a purse with a picture of the kids on, its great.  I am wondering if hubby will buy me a little something as a surprise though lol

So after finishing wrapping I decided to play about with ribbons again.  These are todays bobbles

Used up all my nice ribbon so having to use what I have as I dont really want to buy more.  Although I will buy more to make my niece some school bobbles but they can wait, she hasnt started yet! lol

Sal x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Had to make another bobble

Evening all

So, this morning my daughter decided that she wanted to wear the red bobble I made for her friend.  She now owns this bobble and I have made another one for her friend.  Wonder if she will get this one!  lol

And I got the moshi monster finished. 

My fingers are now aching, well, they have been busy the last few days.  So I need to find something else to make tomorrow that does not involve any sewing/crochet. :D

Sal x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Another Bobble

Evening all

So, my daughter likes her bobbles so much, I had to make one for her best friend in school for xmas.   So I made this, I did singe the ribbon though :o  Hopefully she wont notice.

And this is the finished angry bird.

I have been asked to make a moshi monster.  That should be interesting, dont know what they are! lol

Sal x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Day of Crafting

Evening all

As hubby and 2 of the kids at football, and my youngest on the wii, I decided to use the ribbon and make some ribbon bow bobbles.

This was my first one and my favourite

Then I made one in burgundy and grey for my daughter for school, the button in the middle I stole from one of her cardigans. lol

This is a Christmas one with a huge jingle bell in the middle.  Gonna regret that one! :P

And finally this one. 

And I didnt even open my glue gun.  Although not sure how long the gems are going to stay in the middle of them without it as they dont seem to be that sticky.  Will glue gun them after xmas. :D
I have also been busy crocheting the angry bird.  Just need to sew him together now.
Have a great evening.
Sal x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Gave Up On Dino, Made an Angry Bird Instead

Evening all

So the dino was a bit of a nightmare, fidly (used a small hook so my own fault) and wasnt sure about some of it so decided to come up with something else for my eldest.

Its an angry bird and he does look very angry lol  My mate wants one for her angry bird mad daughter so am busy making another one for her now.

Very exciting (for me anyway) I bought a glue gun today (xmas present of hubby).  I seem to have accumulated  quite a few ribbons (and bought more today) so am hoping to have a go at some ribbon bows for my daughter to use up some of the ribbons I have.   So watch this space lol  Although I may not be able to use it until after xmas. :D

Have a lovely weekend.

Sal x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Funny Looking Stegosaurus lol

Evening all

Ok, so it wasnt a stegosaurus, it was a diplodocus.  Here is where I got the pattern from WolfDreamer Blog  And I got him finished to be told by my youngest that he wants one.  But I think I might try to make a HUGE one for his birthday, gives me plenty of time to make one :D

I am a bit worried about the eyes though, they are sewn on googly eyes and I think I might change them to felt eyes as my nephew is quite young.

And the other dinosaur pattern I have is a triceratops (I know its spelt wrong and probably so are the others) which I have started on for my eldest.  But I am having a night off crochet as my fingers hurt. :(

Thanks for popping by.

Sal x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pink Dino

Evening all

I have made the pink dinosaur for my neice.  I dont like the claws on them as I am forever trying to straighten them out on my sons dinosaurs so I havent given her any.

I dont think I should have done green eyes, they dont look right.  Ah well.
Now to make another 2 dinos for my eldest and my nephew.  Was thinking of a stegosaurus.  I have a pattern somewhere, I am sure. :D
Sal x

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Handful of Sweets?

Evening all

I have made a handful of sweets for the kids in the family.  Ok, I have made 1 but will finish another 9 tonight and then next week will make 11 more. :D

The poem reads
A Handful of Sweets
Recent times from days of old,
When kiddies want sweets they are told,
Take a handful my dear but you get no more.
Dont eat too fast the adults would roar.
Enjoy them little one my gift to you,
Eat and be merry, whatever you do.

And I couldnt not post this.  Bought it in the poundshop for Rex.

And now the kids wont let me take it off him.

Hopefully I will get time to get some crochet done but need to finish the 9 handful of sweets and wrap presents and make a list for shopping tomorrow as need to pop into town.

Phew, busy busy busy.

Sal x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Cant Believe I havent shown You ........

Evening all

I really cant believe I havent put this picture on.  Due to work, I am now having to carry my diary around with me, its filled with paperwork.  I also need my notepad and timesheets.  And not forgetting a pen.  So instead of digging in my bag for all the stuff I need, I made myself this.  It folds over nice and neat like my other ones.  It matches my tablet holder and is pink and sparkly. :D

I was planning on making one for my friend today but need more interfacing.  So off to town tomorrow after work.  Hopefully will find time to make it. :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Finally Rose Bobbles


So I have finally got a photo of my bobbles and slides.  Here they are

I urgently need more wool.  I am half way through a ear warmer and ran out.  But working this week so will have to try to pop to shop next week. :D

Not really done much since though.  I am trying to find something to do for the kids in the family, last year I made the little sweets in wine glasses but what to do this year.  Was thinking maybe smoothie cups but its finding them.  Then I thought snowman soup but did that the year before.  Hhhhmmmmm will have to have a think about it :D

Sal x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Crocheting Wire???

Evening all

Not sewn my roses up yet so no piccy's of them I am afraid. 

Today was busy, work then the Range, then my mates for a quick cup of tea and then meeting and school run.  So whilst in the Range (after finding a billion craft sets my daughter would love) I found craft wire.  Now, for xmas last year my husband gave me a book called Wire Jewellery.  So I bought the craft wire and when kids in bed got the book out.  Well, could I do any of it, no I couldnt, everything needed nice beads etc. 

So I looked through google and found nothing and then decided on a simple rose (ran out of red wire)

So rose done, now what.  I found a tutorial on u tube for a ring.

Well, by now I want to make a bracelet.  So off I went to my daughters craft drawers and searched for her little beads that she wont use.

Its tiny but when I use bigger (nicer) beads it should be the right size. 

Am liking crocheting with wire but i do find it difficult to finish it off and weave wire in to make it safe.  More practice is needed. :D

Sal x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012



Finally I have finished Mrs Blobby.  Here she is

I have also been making lots of gold roses which I will put on soon.  Back to my pink with dark pink flecks roses which I love.

Yesterday's blog showing those bobbles and headband and roses I have swapped for these, they are bobbles in my daughters school colours (bit sparkly but you cant see in photo) and an xmas bobble.  My daughter loves them. 

Here is her facebook page if anyone wants to pop over and say hi BowsAndBobbles

Back to making roses.

Sal x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Roses, Roses and More Roses


Well, I am really loving making all these roses.   I can even make them without instructions now! lol

I have put most of them on hair bands to make bobbles.  Also on a baby head band and a small clip.  I love the gold one and have made 2 more that just need stitching together.

Will hopefully have Mrs Blobby in the next day or 2 if I can drag myself away from making roses.

Sal x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Whoo hoo, lucky find, 4 roses that had not been sewn up.  So here they are on my nice new hair clip.

The kids decided to do their pumpkins today.  This one my daughter drew the face on herself and did some of th carving.

This is my youngest and there is no way I am letting him lose with any sharp impliments! lol

And my eldest sons, he drew it on himself, except I helped a bit with the mouth.  And we both did the carving.  Cant wait for tomorrow.  Will put them all on the mantle lit in the evening.  :D

Happy Halloween everyone.

Sal x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Rose Bobble Anyone?

Evening all

I have finished the crochet part of Mrs Blobby, just need to sew on all her spots now!  Takes so long to do.

But before doing that I have started making crochet roses again as I just love the wool.  Obviously my daughter had to have the first bobble I made.  I think a few of the girls in the family will be getting these for xmas!  Maybe 2 bobbles and a hair band in a set. :D

Must make more roses! :D

Sal x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Long :o


How long as I been gone for, its been a while.  I havent done much but I have finished the dragon for my youngest.

And here is Mr Blobby.  My friend who asked for him asked for another one slightly different for her daughter (this one is for her son).

So when I went shopping I found this wool and thought it was lovely

So as this is for a girl, I am going to make a Mrs Blobby from this wool.  And then try to find lots of other stuff to make out of it as I love it :D
Sal x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Finally Finished


Thanks for coming back.

Finished the pterodactyl for my nephew finally!!!  Feels like its taken ages to make.  Here he is

I have also made more doggy bandanas.  These ones will be listed in my Folksy shop shortly.

And this one was a custom order.  Doggy bandana with bling lol

Right, off to design a Mr Blobby that I have been asked for.  :D
Sal x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spoiling My Rex lol

Evening all

Whoo Hoo, 'the hole' is getting sorted end of next week! Yay! :D

I have been making more doggy bandanas this week.  Another one for my Rex and and ordered one that I am waiting for the bling letter for (so you will have to wait to see it), and another one for my friends dog.  Here is Rex posing lol

Here is another one I made for a friend
Here are the crochet flowers that I made ages ago, I have finally put them onto clips/hairbands.
Its not letting me show anymore.  Maybe next time.
Sal x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pink and Sparkly :D


Last week I popped to the material shop to get some padding for a tablet sleve I wanted to make for myself.  When I was there I saw some lovely matieral, all pink with sparkly dots and had to buy it.  Today I finally made my tablet sleve.

Isn't it pretty.
I have also made a makeup brush roll.

And I made her doggy a bandana as well, so hopefully I will have a photo soon of that.
Back soon
Sal x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Found another shirt just lying around.....

Evening all

Just a quick one from me today as I have not been doing much as trying to sort through all our old stuff to sell to put towards the 'hole fund' but today I felt like sewing.

So, I found an old shirt lying around and cut the arm off and made this for my dog.

A little doggy bandana.  It attaches to his collar and he is still wearing it now. :D  I also made another one for my friends little dog.  Will hopefully get a piccy on here of him with his on soon.

Hope you are all having an excellent weekend.

Sal x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another Cake, Why Dont I Learn....

Its my sons birthday today.  He loves his pteradactyl and even took it into school to show everyone. :D
I decided to make the minion cake and this is how he turned out.  I really do think I need more practice, and it also needed more layers!!!!  But as its 4 stories high I thought that was enough choccy for anyone! :D  Ah well, I am sure I will get lots of practice in the next few years. lol

Best go and cut the cake then!

Sal x

Sunday, 26 August 2012



Hope you are all enjoying bank holiday weekend and the rain stays off for you.

We had a very wet day yesterday so whilst the kids were playing board games and on computer games I got on with the pterodactyl.

Here he is

For some reason it wont let me post the side view of him, dont know why, stupid computers! lol

Hubby keeps saying he looks like a skittle! But dd likes him.  Just hope ds1 does seeing as he chose the most awkward thing to make.  :D

Hope to have more stuff soon.

Sal x

Friday, 17 August 2012

Productive Day? Urrrmmm no......


I am offically missing my kids.  My daughter is staying with my sister and am really missing her  chatting and my sons are skylandering all the time.  So, did I take advantage of the peace and get things cleaned and sorted?  Of course not, dont be so silly.  I spent the day on pinterest with a few mins this afternoon to reorganise some clothes drawers due to a pin I found.

This is the pin http://www.simpleorganizedliving.com/2011/08/13/clothes-clutter-organizing-all-your-accessories and it really does work.  I have done my 2 drawers like it and now have space for more clothes ;-)  Then I started on hubbys drawers.  Now I should point out that not only were hubbys drawers full he also had a HUGE pile of clothes on top of the chest of drawers which did not fit anywhere.  He now has space for more stuff in the drawers and everything is put away.  And I even folded and rolled his pants so that drawer is no longer overflowing!  Sorry, tmi!!!!  And it really did not take long at all. :D

Amoungst the pins today I have found more projects for me.  And not just sewing ones.  Some of my new projects to add to my to do list are:

Turning a big picture frame into a blackboard for meal planning to be put up in kitchen (just need picture frame, blackboard paint and red paint for the frame)
Menu holder to go on fridge door (we cant afford takeaway but we still have the menus)
Phone/tablet pouch
Rolo cookies
Hello Kitty Hat

The favourites on my computer is getting rather cluttered itself now so should really start making stuff so I can clear it out.

Anyhoo, off to phone my daughter before the boys go to bed.

Sal x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

That'll Learn Me....

Good Evening All

I hope you are all having fun in the school holidays.  I would be if it werent for 'the hole'.  It rained last night and we saw where the water came in and filled 'the hole' with water.  Not good! 

Anyway, not sure if it was because of the panic caused by 'the hole' or because the kids were playing nicely outside but I actually managed to clean the kitchen, and by clean I mean go through all cupboards and drawers and even under the stairs.  I just need to find a home for all my cook books and it will be clutter free.  Except for the stuff I need anyway! :P  But I really dont think my kitchen will ever be clutter free unless I move to a mansion and that wont happen anytime soon.  Although I am quite pleased with what I achieved in there and it is so much easier to clean now that I have very little on the sides. 

My next big cleaning/sorting/decluttering is the dinning room which is currently filled with all the junk from the attic that we decided to clear about a month ago and its still sat there!  Must start on that tomorrow or Monday ;-)

As you may remember I was a little stumped on what to make for my eldest 8th birthday.  I asked him what he wanted me to make.  Big mistake!  He wants a pterodactyl :O  I have searched for patterns but, surprise, surprise, there were none!  So have now drawn a picture of one (sort of, to the best of my abilities) and will try to design my own pattern.  Wish me luck.  Next time I will know better and not ask the boy what he wants, that'll learn me! :D

Sal x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Oooppppssss Birthday Cake Went Wrong


Tomorrow is my youngest 5 birthday.  That has gone so quick.  So I thought I would bake him a cake, like you do, I made a great one for his 2nd birthday, but sadly this one went wrong.  I bought the topper off ebay but I couldnt get it to stick and now its bent.  :(

I dont think any of the smarties are left stuck to the side either.

And this is what I wish it looked like

Its ds1's birthday next month, wonder if i am brave enough to give it a go! :D

On the plus side I also made these cupcakes for tomorrow.

And these rather funky looking cars.  And yes, they could have been neater but the icing was melting and I was very stressed by then!

I have just realised that I have not made anything for ds1's birthday.  Ds2 has the Elmo I made a while ago but ds1 has nothing.  So, do I stop making him soft toys like hubby wants or do I give him the dragon I have nearly finished or make him something just for him in which case, I am stuck for ideas.........

Time to get on pinterest I think.

Sal x