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Monday, 6 August 2012

Oooppppssss Birthday Cake Went Wrong


Tomorrow is my youngest 5 birthday.  That has gone so quick.  So I thought I would bake him a cake, like you do, I made a great one for his 2nd birthday, but sadly this one went wrong.  I bought the topper off ebay but I couldnt get it to stick and now its bent.  :(

I dont think any of the smarties are left stuck to the side either.

And this is what I wish it looked like

Its ds1's birthday next month, wonder if i am brave enough to give it a go! :D

On the plus side I also made these cupcakes for tomorrow.

And these rather funky looking cars.  And yes, they could have been neater but the icing was melting and I was very stressed by then!

I have just realised that I have not made anything for ds1's birthday.  Ds2 has the Elmo I made a while ago but ds1 has nothing.  So, do I stop making him soft toys like hubby wants or do I give him the dragon I have nearly finished or make him something just for him in which case, I am stuck for ideas.........

Time to get on pinterest I think.

Sal x

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