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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lots of Sweeties, Bit of Icing sugar and Blood??????????

Evening all

Finally I have started to craft a again.  Yay.  I bought a cross stitch set off ebay thinking the pattern would be on the bit I have to cross stitch on.  It wasn't!  This was hard!!  But I did it, yay :D

 This was what I had to work from.

I know I made some mistakes but I think it turned out quite well.  

I then put it in a clippy thing that cost me 39p and used some craft card from my stash to make it look nice.  I just hope my granddad likes it.  And the best bit, I sent all the fathers day cards TODAY so they will hopefully get there on time, maybe for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!! :o

As I was feeling a bit crafty I thought I would have a go at making hubbies fathers day present.  I bought the stuff yesterday for a sweet bouquet thingy.  Here it is
As you can see there are 4 polystyrene hearts.  Thought that the kebab sticks would be ok as how much do sweets weigh.  ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So far so good, thought I would cover 2 of the hearts in premade icing sugar and stuck in mug in rest of icing sugar.  This is where it went wrong.  I tried using sugar water to stick the flying saucers on and icing sugar in the squeezie thing for the haribo.  This did not turn out at all well.  So out came the cocktail sticks which ended up with me spiking underneath my nail and lots of blood.  It took most of the box of haribo to do one side.

Therefore side 2 had to be flying saucers.  Some of them are put on with cocktail sticks and then I used the icing squeezie thing to stick more on top so you cant see any spaces.

Had to add more sticks as it was quite heavy and put ├ęclairs around the base.  This is side 1
And this is side 2

  And with cello

I would also like to add that I have new found respect for anyone who makes sweet trees.  I used £6 of stuff for these (with sweets leftover), it was hard and I stabbed myself numerous times so to pay someone £10 to £15 to put it all together, if I had the money, I would!  My plan to make one of these for the kids for their birthdays is unlikely to happen!!!  But am glad I have made one.  Wonder if a malteaser one on sticks would be easy...............................................
Have a great evening all
Sal x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Magical Sparkley Unicorn Poop

Evening all

As the title says, today I made magical sparkley unicorn poop for the kids lunch boxes next week.  Here is a picture of if, although when I told the kids I was making magical parkley unicorn poop, their faces were a picture - that is when I should have had the camera out!!!!!!!!!! lol

Am still looking on Pinterest for inspiration.  I did make a bun ring for my hair this afternoon out of a pair of socks that were meant to be a sock monkey.  But that isn't really worth a photo. 

Anyone got any ideas on how to get my crafting groove back? :D

Sal x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dont Laugh.....

Evening all

So, this week I decided to make myself a hat.  Found a pattern and thought it looked nice, followed their instructions except my crochet hook was bigger than the one they used so I thought the hat would come out big.  This is it

Like I said, I have lost my mojo.  Wonder if it will fit any of my daughters dolls for teddy's. 

Got to be honest, that has now put me off from making more crochet stuff.  Am still looking around and have a huge list of things to make, quite a few of them sewing, its just finding time and finding the money for all the material I want to buy!!!!! ;-)

Sal x