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Friday, 9 November 2012

Crocheting Wire???

Evening all

Not sewn my roses up yet so no piccy's of them I am afraid. 

Today was busy, work then the Range, then my mates for a quick cup of tea and then meeting and school run.  So whilst in the Range (after finding a billion craft sets my daughter would love) I found craft wire.  Now, for xmas last year my husband gave me a book called Wire Jewellery.  So I bought the craft wire and when kids in bed got the book out.  Well, could I do any of it, no I couldnt, everything needed nice beads etc. 

So I looked through google and found nothing and then decided on a simple rose (ran out of red wire)

So rose done, now what.  I found a tutorial on u tube for a ring.

Well, by now I want to make a bracelet.  So off I went to my daughters craft drawers and searched for her little beads that she wont use.

Its tiny but when I use bigger (nicer) beads it should be the right size. 

Am liking crocheting with wire but i do find it difficult to finish it off and weave wire in to make it safe.  More practice is needed. :D

Sal x

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