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Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Day of Crafting

Evening all

As hubby and 2 of the kids at football, and my youngest on the wii, I decided to use the ribbon and make some ribbon bow bobbles.

This was my first one and my favourite

Then I made one in burgundy and grey for my daughter for school, the button in the middle I stole from one of her cardigans. lol

This is a Christmas one with a huge jingle bell in the middle.  Gonna regret that one! :P

And finally this one. 

And I didnt even open my glue gun.  Although not sure how long the gems are going to stay in the middle of them without it as they dont seem to be that sticky.  Will glue gun them after xmas. :D
I have also been busy crocheting the angry bird.  Just need to sew him together now.
Have a great evening.
Sal x

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