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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wanda The Wicked Witch Sock Monkey


As promised here is Wanda

If you want to see what she gets up to during October then go to the page just for her! I hope you like her.


Monkey Order

Welcome back.

This week I have had an order for 3. Here they are:

I have also finished Wanda the Wicked Witch Sock Monkey and will be back later with photos. Have to wait for kids to go to bed before I can take her photo.
See you later xxx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Busy Monkeying!!! :P


Thanks for stopping by.

I have been a busy little monkey maker. I finished this one that has been started for a few weeks but her eyes seem to have gone wonkey!!!

I have also been wanting to make one out of these socks for a while. I put on cat eyes but I am thinking about changing the ears to cat hers to make her more cat like! Not sure!!! But her eyes really stand out and look amazing when the light catches them.
You may remember the sock monkey that my daughter wanted for xmas. Well, the picture has been seen and the nice lady wanted her and a boy one for her 2 kids. She also wanted bags so I made hats and scarfs and put initial on bags and hats. I think they look pretty cool. The hat on the girl one is huge - I think its a fashion statement!!! lol

And finally I was asked to make another seargent sock monkey. I didnt have any socks the same as the last one so I made 2, a large one and a small one. The large one is huge. They will be going on my facebook shop if the person doesnt like them. I think they may have too much orange on!! Ah well. The hunt for army socks continues.

I am currently in the middle of making another 3 to order. and I have a waiting list, yes a waiting list, to make Otis. And I still have to finish Wanda! Running out of time now. So next time the sewing machine is out I will make her dress and then just sew on some spiders and webs.
So much to do and so little time to do it!! I am also doing an extra morning volunteering at the moment so really cant fit everything in!!! Ah well, keeps me young!!! lol
Pop by again soon. xxx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Sock Monkeys and a Witch

Hiya Everyone.

Thanks for dropping by!
I have been busy! Made this sock monkey for my daughter for her xmas eve hamper. I was just trying to use up the eyes really but I think it looks ok and Beth noticed her when I was showing someone some monkeys and asked if she could have her. So at least she will be happy with hers this year!!! :D

I also had an order this week. To do a sock monkey with boxers as she is potty training her son. Here he is.

He also has a blue pair.
She also ordered this little one for her nephews first birthday.
Which her son saw and wanted so she picked this one up today for her son.

And while I had a spare 2 mins (or 20 lol) I did the hair on Wanda the Witch Sock Monkey as per the very clever ladies on mse who explained how to do it. So she has crinckly hair now. I think it looks much better. They have also given me some advice as to her clothes. Black and orange dress, I have orange material and will sew on a spiders web in black. When i get round to it!!! :P

And on a happy note, seargent sock monkey has been adopted by my friend at school for her sons birthday. I am so pleased he is going to a good home (he is one of my favourites!!! :D) and I know Connor will look after him.
Anyway, best get tea on, hope to see you soon. x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Super Sock Monkey

Hiya Everyone
Welcome back.
I have finished my sons birthday present sock monkey.
By day he is a mild mannered sock monkey.
But if someone is in trouble he becomes SUPER SOCK MONKEY!!!! :D

I hope my son likes him.
See you soon x