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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Handful of Sweets?

Evening all

I have made a handful of sweets for the kids in the family.  Ok, I have made 1 but will finish another 9 tonight and then next week will make 11 more. :D

The poem reads
A Handful of Sweets
Recent times from days of old,
When kiddies want sweets they are told,
Take a handful my dear but you get no more.
Dont eat too fast the adults would roar.
Enjoy them little one my gift to you,
Eat and be merry, whatever you do.

And I couldnt not post this.  Bought it in the poundshop for Rex.

And now the kids wont let me take it off him.

Hopefully I will get time to get some crochet done but need to finish the 9 handful of sweets and wrap presents and make a list for shopping tomorrow as need to pop into town.

Phew, busy busy busy.

Sal x

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