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Sunday, 6 November 2011

AAARRRGGGHHHHH Nearly Chirstmas :(

Hello Everyone

Thank you for coming back.

Chirstmas is fast approaching. I havent made my Christmas cake, would it be so bad if I bought one and fed it brandy and then iced it mayself?????? I just dont have the time to do all I want. And I have lost Otis. On the plus side I have nearly a month to find him!!!! lol

But with Christmas in mind I made this little chap. Meet Eddie the Elf.

I hope he gives as much joy to the children he is going to that Otis gives mine. I am sure he will and I will be getting tips off their mum for new things my Otis can do. :D

I need to find more socks like Eddie. That was the last pair in the shop. Otherwise I will not be making Elves this year.

But I do have a girl started (again, last pair of socks), just need more fluffy as girls have to have fluffy! :D Waiting for it to be ordered in. I have also nearly finished a dinosaur and a minion. I just cant get motivated to actually finish them. Maybe this week. Must make the effort. Although I do have a pattern that I want to try for a pair of slipper and for a cute decorative stocking that I think would be ideal for Otis to give the kids and put sweeties in when he thinks they need a treat. :D So you see why Christmas is coming way to early for me. lol

Hope you are all keeping warm (I am no longer allowed JD in my hot choc, apparently it is too expensive to waste in hot choc :O).

Sal x