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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Merry Chirstmas


Thanks for popping back. Well, all i have been doing is wrapping! Am a bit fed up with it now but its all done. Just need to finish the hamper, maybe buy a few more bits of the stockings and thats it! Oh, and 4 more sock monkeys!!! :P

I have also made this cake! This is my first ever Chirstmas Cake and I am quite pleased with it. I used nearly a whole bottle of brandy so I hope it tastes ok!!!

This is probably my last post before xmas (depending on weather as i will post more if snowed in!!! lol). so....


I really hope you have a great day. x

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Made with Love

WHOO HOO!!!! My made with love charms have arrived. This is the best picture I can get of them!

So I have put them on my sock monkeys.

This little chap I have made for my youngest. I cant wait for him to see it.

Here are some more presents. The eyes on these were a nightmare. I should have known really when the ebay item said to best to put on with a machine!!! But hubby came to the rescue with some pliers and they are on securely.

Here are 2 from above ready to be wrapped and go to their new homes. They both have bracelets for their new mummies!!! :D

I only have 4 left to make and they dont need to be done until xmas eve so they are for next week. This week I have to get all the presents sorted and food made to send to family. This evening I made a pot of pink for my neice. This is the poem I used
For my favourite neice Meggie Moo
A pot of pink from me to you
There's lots of goodies all coloured pink
For a special princess, dont you think.
and for my sil i have done a silver lining pot with the poem
Every cloud has a silver lining
or that is what they say
so here's lots of pretty silver things
to brighten up your day
Right, off to make a shopping list for tomorrow and start thinking of the poem for my other sil's pot of pink!! Busy busy busy.
See you soon x

Monday, 13 December 2010

Fairies and more Fairies!!!!!

Hello, and thanks for popping by.

I have been busy this weekend. Remember the fishing grandad??? Well here he is..

My auntie asked for another fairy so I gave her the choise of these 2. She had both!!! :D

and then asked for another one!!!!!

So thats all for the orders (although I may have another fairy order - just waiting to find out), I have started on xmas presents. this one is for hubby's cousin (the baby that I crocheted the scary teddy for) and I got this excellent dummy off a lovely lady on facebook. Here is her page if you want to take a peek swarovski crystal dummies http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=119002611482326

And these 2 are also done for xmas presents. I have 3 left to do before Thursday and my kids ones for the xmas eve hampers.

Right, best get back to it all then. See you soon x

Friday, 10 December 2010

Lots of Monkeys and a Xmas Card

Hello, thanks for poppy by.

I have been busy monkey making. Here is a Newcastle United one for one of my mums friends. I quite like him, much friendlier that the one I made hubby last year then then that was an angry sock monkey based on hubby!!! :P

Here are some xmas monkeys. Not found many Chirstmas socks I like. Infact not found any socks I like recently! I went on a sock hunt on Wednesday and only bought a childs pack of 3 which will do for my 2 boys for their xmas eve hamper. I couldnt get any more fairy socks (have lots of interest in the fairys - see below!) and I couldnt get any more green/black stripe socks for elves either.

My fairys. I love making fairy sock monkeys. I think they are so pretty. My auntie wanted one so I made 2 so she could choose. She chose the spotty one. Then when she received it asked for the other one as well but I had already donated that to the school Chirstmas fayre and when I popped into town on Wednesday I couldnt find any more of the socks to make more. Even more annoying was that I found pink wings with a pink wand and I do like pink!

And on a lighter note. I usually volunteer on Thursdays for a toddler group and was asked to cover sick at a different toddler group this morning. Craft was making Chirstmas cards. Here is mine. I am quite impressed with it!!! :D Its the Christmas parties next week and as my kids break up from school on Thursday I might take them to the Friday group so they can play with glitter there rather than in my dinning room! Fed up with hoovering the stuff up!! lol

I should be back with more monkey makes soon. Have done the machining for 5 sock monkeys for xmas presents, 5 for the xmas hamper, 1 spare boys one (just in case) and I have been asked for a grandad sock monkey who is fishing!! Cant wait to see what I come up with for him.
See you soon x

Friday, 3 December 2010

Santa Claus is Coming To Town.....

Hiya Everyone

Its starting to feel a little bit like Chirstmas now. I have been monkeying away. Here is santa, couldnt make him until I received the fluff (swan down edging). I also gave him a bell on a red ribbon wrapped around his arm saying BELIEVE. Can you tell I just watched Polar Express!! :D

I have had loads of orders for elves. The first 2 I made with what I had left (then used the last of the white fabric for Otis) then had to use my 'fluff' for the last elf, hubby thinks he has made a 'lifestyle choice'. Dont think I will be making any more of them, well, except finishing the one for the school. But as it was shut today, unless the weather gets better they may have to cancel the fete.

My friend wanted one for her daughter so I made these 2 for her to choose. She chose the cow one as her daughter is sometimes called moo!!!! Funny that, so's mine!!! :P

I wasnt feeling well yesterday. I have started to take the kids up the school on a sledge. I drag my daughter and youngest son there on a morning, then drag my youngest back from nursery and then drag my oldest son and my daughter back at end of school. Its hard work!!! So really felt the strain last night and was in agony so didnt make any monkeys. But me being me, I cant just sit here doing nothing so I crocheted these rings.

I gave the first one to my daughter and i have kept the second one for me. We both HAD to wear them today so we could match. Bless her! She has started to knit a scarf. She is only 4 and got a childs knitting ring thing for xmas last year. Well, its taken until now for me to figure out how it works!!! So she has started her scarf. She has done about 1 inch but it kept her quiet for 2 afternoons!! :D
We have also had Otis visit us again. Give me a few mins and I will have this years Otis in his own folder.
Hope you come back soon. xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Not Done Much....

I am waiting for 3 deliverys of eyes so havent been up to much. I have made a football one.
and another elf. Still got a girl elf to dress but that one might be given to the school.
and 2 more reindeer. The one with brown antlers will be for the school and the one with pink antlers will be staying with us if she doesnt sell before 1st December. My daughter will love her and as I have to do an angel for the school and an order and i only have 2 pairs of the angel socks the kids wont get their angel this year. But a reindeer will be loved just as much.
Best get the girl elf finished and update our Otis's clothes from last year! Or at least I would if it wasnt so cold and my fingers worked a bit better!!! :P
Hope to see you soon and fingers crossed i will have lots to show you.
Sal x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Another Knitting Nana

Hiya, thanks for popping by.

I have got the second knitting Nana done. I have to admit I do like them. Makes me all nostalgic as she reminds me of my Nana even though she never did any knitting!!!! Not that I can remember anyway, she used to sew a fair bit though. I remember her hiding the Easter Eggs in the sewing room!!! :D

I am having the night off tonight I think. Monday I want to finish the 2 Elves and update our Otis the Elf's clothes. Then I will see what else needs to be finished!! :D

Come back soon x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Knitting Nana

Hello again.

Twice in one day! How busy have I been!!!! :D

I have finished 1 of the knitting nana's. Here she is. Complete with glasses, shawl and, of course, her knitting! I find knitting hard on real needles but using cocktail sticks is really rather hard!! :P Thats why there isnt much there. But I do like her. Need to finish the other one now as well. Its just her shawl and knitting that needs to be done but that just takes me ages!!!!

I also made my angel/fairy. Again with bells on the skirt. Makes a rather nice Chirstmas jingle I think. And as before the wings are removable and so is the skirt and necklace. But the halo isnt.

Right so, my to do list, 1 knitting nana, 2 elf sock monkeys, 1 football sock monkey, 5 that need stuffing and 2 santas. think thats all!!!! :P

Might have the other knitting nana finished tomorrow. xxx



Thanks for visiting. I got the cow finished today. Well, I thought I finished her last night but was asked to put udders on (gosh, theres a challenge)!!! I did get advise from a lovely lady on MSE and this is the finished result. After a night of dreaming about udders!!! Hubby thinks I have completely lost it!!! :D
I have also crocheted a teddy bear for hubbys newborn cousin. But he looks a bit scary now that I have sewn him up!!!!
So, 2 Santas, 1 angel/fairy, 2 nannas and 2 elves left! :D
Hope to see you soon xxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Angel/Fairy


I have finished one of the angels/fairys. Her wings are from the poundshop that i adjusted the elasticated arms to fit her and I put bells on the skirt so she jingles. Her wings and skirt can be taken off. Am quite pleased with her. :D
Right, so, that leaves me 1 santa, 2 elves, 1 angel/fairy, 2 xmas socks and a cow to make! Not much!!! :P And not forgetting the nanas. Doing a knitting one and a crocheting one. But need to find a pattern to adjust for the dress. Any ideas are welcome.
Come Back Soon. xxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

More Christmas Sock Monkeys (actually Elves and Reindeer)!! :D

Thanks for visiting.
Another week of xmas Sock things....
A girl and boy elf dressed in green

and my favourite, a sock reindeer! I used sparkly wool for his nose and bells on his collar. And I even had to learn blanket stitch for his antlers. But I do like him. And I hope my friends little ones do as well.
I have another Santa to make, 2 more elves and 2 angels. And some xmas socks. So will have a busy week! And nearly finished the nanas.
I hope to see you soon. x

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Its SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Thanks for coming back!

After the elves last time, I have now made Santas. First this little on was ordered.

And then I was asked for a big Santa. This is the first one I made (I only bought enough fluff for 1!)

But she didnt like the yellow sock so a quick finish of another sock and change of clothes and this green Santa was made.

I need to make another green one and will probably make the clothes for the yellow one and give to my kids as my daughter was quite taken with him. I also need to give Otis the Elf Sock Monkey new clothes and set him up on facebook for the kids! There are a few people doing this so he should have a few Elf friends!!! Yay, its not just me that is completely loopy!!! :P

And finally another order.

Going to have a weekend off (well, maybe just knitting some scarves) as I am a bit fed up of stabbing myself at the moment. So will try and get a Elf and 2 nanna's stuffed tonight and then work on the clothes next week.

See you soon. x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

It Must Be Nearly Xmas!!! :D


Thanks for coming back.

Well, it must be nearly Christmas as the Elves are here!!! :D

Yes, one of them does have rather large feet!!! :P Got a few more to make next week.
Here are some little fellow I made.

Off to sew a football monkey now or maybe sleep!!! :P
See you soon x