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Friday, 26 November 2010

Not Done Much....

I am waiting for 3 deliverys of eyes so havent been up to much. I have made a football one.
and another elf. Still got a girl elf to dress but that one might be given to the school.
and 2 more reindeer. The one with brown antlers will be for the school and the one with pink antlers will be staying with us if she doesnt sell before 1st December. My daughter will love her and as I have to do an angel for the school and an order and i only have 2 pairs of the angel socks the kids wont get their angel this year. But a reindeer will be loved just as much.
Best get the girl elf finished and update our Otis's clothes from last year! Or at least I would if it wasnt so cold and my fingers worked a bit better!!! :P
Hope to see you soon and fingers crossed i will have lots to show you.
Sal x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Another Knitting Nana

Hiya, thanks for popping by.

I have got the second knitting Nana done. I have to admit I do like them. Makes me all nostalgic as she reminds me of my Nana even though she never did any knitting!!!! Not that I can remember anyway, she used to sew a fair bit though. I remember her hiding the Easter Eggs in the sewing room!!! :D

I am having the night off tonight I think. Monday I want to finish the 2 Elves and update our Otis the Elf's clothes. Then I will see what else needs to be finished!! :D

Come back soon x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Knitting Nana

Hello again.

Twice in one day! How busy have I been!!!! :D

I have finished 1 of the knitting nana's. Here she is. Complete with glasses, shawl and, of course, her knitting! I find knitting hard on real needles but using cocktail sticks is really rather hard!! :P Thats why there isnt much there. But I do like her. Need to finish the other one now as well. Its just her shawl and knitting that needs to be done but that just takes me ages!!!!

I also made my angel/fairy. Again with bells on the skirt. Makes a rather nice Chirstmas jingle I think. And as before the wings are removable and so is the skirt and necklace. But the halo isnt.

Right so, my to do list, 1 knitting nana, 2 elf sock monkeys, 1 football sock monkey, 5 that need stuffing and 2 santas. think thats all!!!! :P

Might have the other knitting nana finished tomorrow. xxx



Thanks for visiting. I got the cow finished today. Well, I thought I finished her last night but was asked to put udders on (gosh, theres a challenge)!!! I did get advise from a lovely lady on MSE and this is the finished result. After a night of dreaming about udders!!! Hubby thinks I have completely lost it!!! :D
I have also crocheted a teddy bear for hubbys newborn cousin. But he looks a bit scary now that I have sewn him up!!!!
So, 2 Santas, 1 angel/fairy, 2 nannas and 2 elves left! :D
Hope to see you soon xxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Angel/Fairy


I have finished one of the angels/fairys. Her wings are from the poundshop that i adjusted the elasticated arms to fit her and I put bells on the skirt so she jingles. Her wings and skirt can be taken off. Am quite pleased with her. :D
Right, so, that leaves me 1 santa, 2 elves, 1 angel/fairy, 2 xmas socks and a cow to make! Not much!!! :P And not forgetting the nanas. Doing a knitting one and a crocheting one. But need to find a pattern to adjust for the dress. Any ideas are welcome.
Come Back Soon. xxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

More Christmas Sock Monkeys (actually Elves and Reindeer)!! :D

Thanks for visiting.
Another week of xmas Sock things....
A girl and boy elf dressed in green

and my favourite, a sock reindeer! I used sparkly wool for his nose and bells on his collar. And I even had to learn blanket stitch for his antlers. But I do like him. And I hope my friends little ones do as well.
I have another Santa to make, 2 more elves and 2 angels. And some xmas socks. So will have a busy week! And nearly finished the nanas.
I hope to see you soon. x