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Saturday, 25 June 2011

What a Nightmare of a Week....


Thanks for coming back.

I have had one of those weeks! Amoungst other things our electric tripped and we narrowed it down to the fuse for the downstairs plugs! We have now had a little bit of re-wiring done and it all works perfectly. Although the electrician did find a plug socket under the floor boards but as there is only a crawl space down there I am not sure why that was needed! :S

So, no plugs means no laptop and no internet and no college work. We did have an extention lead from the kitchen for the tv but that was about it.

So I made these tooth monsters. My oldest has a blue one that I made a while ago and now my daugher and youngest has one each. Although I am hoping they dont lose teeth too soon - will cost a fortune!!!! lol

I had to share this. Every thursday after school we go to afterschool club which at the moment is cooking. The kids love it and I quite like it as well. This week we made chocolate brownies. And yes I did make one myself (much to the horror of the other mums there!!! lol). After we had made them most of the kids stuck their fingers in the bowl to taste the choccy mixture. My son stuck his face in the bowl, and after that was licked clean (literally) he then licked the table!!!! :O I was expecting him to be more covered than he was!!! :D

I have started another crochet teddy this weekend but using a different pattern and spotty wool. Hopefully I will have that ready soon for you once the blister goes on my finger. :(

Sal x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Do Love a Bit of Gold....


So, I spent the majority of yesterday trawling through blogs to find more to follow. I love crafty blogs and lost loads when I had problems with the laptop so am now building up my favourites again. If anyone has any suggestions then I would be happy to hear them. :D

And whilst looking at these blogs I was also trying to find some inspiration for something different to make. I am still overrun with sock 'things' so must resist making them and I decided to leave college work until Monday so wanted something to make. Something new. After a few hours I gave up and tried making a fluffy teddy bear. I had, of course, forgotton how hard it is to crochet with eyelash wool. So after 3 stitches I decided gold would be better.

Here is the gold teddy I made. Not sure the yarn I used was a good idea but it turned out ok. And its gold and sparkly. What more could a girl want.

I think I will spend this evening trying to think of something new to make. But what.....

Sal x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Couldnt Resist!


I know, I wasnt going to make more sock monkeys/animals but yesterday I got into my head how cute a little sock pig keyring would be and I couldnt resist making one. Then I thought it soooooo cute I had to make another.

I love them and am thinking of making a pink one for me. I already have a huge keyring (handmade and bought off facebook) of the kids names and charms and also charms for hubby and me. But I think it does need one of these! Soon I will need a bag just for my keys!!! :P

So what do i make nex?. I should probably concentrate on my homework from my childcare course as I have ALOT of it to do in the next few weeks but still........

Sal x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Only a Year Late....


Thanks for coming back.

I think I may have mentioned in one of my first ever blog. I bought some material for £3 is a burgundy colour to make napkins with. Well, a year and 3 months later and I have made 6 napkins with another 6 to finish after I figure out why my sewing machine isnt working (think it just needs a bit of oil). And here is a finished one. I just love the pattern on it. I might even have to put our initals on them to make them really posh!!! :D

And here are some of the sock monkeys/animals I have for sale on folksy, facebook and ebay at the moment.

I have a strip of burgundy material left. Three meters by 21cm. Can anything think of anything I can do with it?

Sal x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Whoo Hoo - its working!!! :D

Hi all

Thank you for coming back. I am still having laptop problems, which is why I am still not posting. Now its connecting to the internet thats a bit of an issue! But its working now, so here are some piggies i have made. I love making these, so easy and i think they look so cute!

I even made 1 into a fridge magnet!

I will be back next time the internet is working with a few more makes - hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! :D

Sal x