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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

4 Princesses

Hiya Everyone

Thank you for coming back.

Here are my latest monkeys. Three are orders and the other one will be put away for one of my neices for Christmas.

I hope you like them.

I hope you visit again soon. x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Evening all

Welcome back. I have had a bit of interest in the sock dinosaur so have tried (and I mean tried) to do a pattern of sorts!!

Sock 1 - the black in the picture is the stitching. As you can see I left a hole by the heel to turn right side out and to stuff.

After I did this I then stuffed it, then I unstuffed and put the eyes and mouth on! If I were you, I would leave out stuffing and unstuffing and go straight to the eyes and mouth!!! lol

When you stuff the neck, make sure you get it as firm as possible. Ds2 carries his around by the neck and its now a bit floppy and will need restuffing.

With sock 2. I cut the toe bit off and used that for the arms and the rest of the sock for the legs. Ignore the bit that says tail, must have been having a 'moment'!!! :P Make sure you leave a gap to turn the legs the right way round and to stuff. I dont show that in the diagram. sorry.

Then just sew it all together. I hope that all made sense and the pictures are sort of readable!! :P

Well, I am off to start sewing some more monkeys so pictures will be here shortly! See you soon. x

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hiya, twice in 1 day, i have been busy!!!! :P

I have finished ds2's dinosaur. He is soft and cuddly. I really hope he is loved! Will find out Saturday.

Thanks for visiting. x

Another 2 Finished!!

Finally I have finished the 2 started sock monkeys. Here is the spotty one. She needed A LOT more stuffing. I like my monkeys cuddly! :D

And this one for my friends little baby. Who I saw this morning and I refused to let her go, there was a queue waiting for cuddles when they finally prised her off me!!! :P Her mum was very impressed with how soft and cuddly the sock monkey is and showed her to everyone.

Got to start on the dinosaur tonight for my youngest as its his birthday Saturday and am planning on making him a train cake! We will see if its good enough to put a picture up!! lol
See you soon x