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Friday, 8 March 2013

Girl Dinosaur

Evening all

I have finished the green hat.  It is a girl dinosaur.  Would have finished the angry birds ones last night but we had a wine tasting instead.  Very nice wine and to be fair, at £180 for 12 bottles I would bloody well hope it was :o


Suppose I had best get on with the angry birds hat but not sure how much I will get done with the glass of wine I am about to pour ;-)
Have a good evening
Sal x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Few New Makes

Evening all

So I have made a few things.  Not many, been a bit lazy really and until last week I had no wool I wanted to use.  But my lovely friend has given me a huge bag of wool.  So have used that.

Firstly I have finished my SIL's hat and cowl set for xmas.  How organised am I!!! lol

I then made myself some cuffs for my boots (which I havent actually worn since making them as I bought a new pair for £8 (reduced from £28 :D) so have been wearing them instead.  But when I do wear them I will take a photo of what they look like. 
And these hats, these are for my friends daughters made from some of the wool she has given me.  As you can see they are quite plain, so I will be making them more interesting........
And finally, my 6 year old daughter helped me with todays roast.  She made the yorkshire pudding, measuring it all out and mixing it.  And this was the result.  Pretty good for her first time I think.

Right, I have hats to decorate.  :D

Sal x