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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nearly A Month!! Where does the time go???

Hello Everyone

Thank you for coming back after all this time!

I have been away in our caravan and whilst there my daughter had her 4th birthday. Here she is in the sparkly outfit granny gave her cuddling her teddy bear easter present and her sock dog birthday present. She took them everywhere in her pink bag and showed everyone and now they are sat on her bed.

Whilst at the caravan my neice (8 years old) asked me to make her a sock monkey. Always prepared (although we did have to raid her pillow for the stuffing!! :P) I made her this. I had to give her a hat and scarf as sometimes it can get a bit chilly at the caravan but they come off so she can party!

Since getting back I have made these 3 sock monkeys for my friend to choose one for her daughter. She chose the one with stars on!

And here are the ouchie monkeys I have made. BUT I thought the girl looked too pretty with a bow to put a plaster on her so will have to make another girl ouchie monkey. And I just cant decide if I should dress the little boy or not!

I currently have a few sock monkeys on the go but am finding it hard giving them outfits so any suggestions would be welcome!!
Thanks again for visiting.