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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

4 Days to go....

Evening all

Oooohhhhh only 4 days until holiday.  I havent even started packing yet! :(  But in my defence I was working this morning and had a governor meeting this afternoon.  Tomorrow I have toddler group in morning (really hope they dont expect me to organise craft :O) and ironing in afternoon and then thursday I can start packing.  Plan A :D

And I made this for my friend for her car. :D

I finally decided to sew up the dragon I designed for my youngest son.  Got this far before the wool need broke.  So had to stop although to be fair, he is just missing his other wing.  The rest I still have to crochet so not really holding me back.  Yes, I know he needs eyes.

Hope you all come back soon.

Sal x

Monday, 18 June 2012

5 Days to go.....


As the title says, 5 days to go until I go on holiday.  Our first family holiday abroad and I have no clothes.  Well, obviously I have some clothes but not enough for a holiday but what I have will have to do.  I did, however, make this blouse from one of hubby's old shirts.

Then I made this beach cover up so i have something to hide my belly when walking to beach/pool from our apartment, again from an old shirt.

So I now have a few things to take! :D  I also have 2 more of hubby's shirts that I may have to get creative with later in the week.

Whilst shopping for my eldest at the weekend I found this bag reduced to £2.  Ideal beach bag I though except I really needed pockets.

So I have sewn pockets onto it.  One of the outside and one on the inside.  As you can see the inside one is a bit of a mess but as its for me I really dont mind.  It was the outside pocket that was important for keeping sun tan lotion/drink in so the kids dont have to root through my bag looking for stuff.

Best get tea sorted and then crochet tonight.  :D

Sal x

Friday, 8 June 2012

More Sparkly Flowers....

Good Evening

I hope everyone has had a good half term.  I am very dissapointed about the weather (it has rained since Tuesday) and our washing machine decided to breakdown so have been in a panic about that.  Fingers crossed we will get our new one next week or I will be handwashing again.  But on the plus side I couldnt dry anything anyway! :D

I am waiting for my hair clips to arrive to make my sparkly flowers into hair accessories.  I have made more flowers.

And then I discovered a tutorial for crochet roses.  Please excuse the picture, the quality is rubbish.  I must dig out my camera as my phone really doesnt do them justice.

Of course I had to make a sparkly purple one as well.  Ok, I made 2.  So quick and easy to make, I love them.  Really need my hair clips so I can wear them.  And sell some. :D

Ho hum, what to make next. :D

Hope you are back soon.

Sal x