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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Handful of Sweets?

Evening all

I have made a handful of sweets for the kids in the family.  Ok, I have made 1 but will finish another 9 tonight and then next week will make 11 more. :D

The poem reads
A Handful of Sweets
Recent times from days of old,
When kiddies want sweets they are told,
Take a handful my dear but you get no more.
Dont eat too fast the adults would roar.
Enjoy them little one my gift to you,
Eat and be merry, whatever you do.

And I couldnt not post this.  Bought it in the poundshop for Rex.

And now the kids wont let me take it off him.

Hopefully I will get time to get some crochet done but need to finish the 9 handful of sweets and wrap presents and make a list for shopping tomorrow as need to pop into town.

Phew, busy busy busy.

Sal x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Cant Believe I havent shown You ........

Evening all

I really cant believe I havent put this picture on.  Due to work, I am now having to carry my diary around with me, its filled with paperwork.  I also need my notepad and timesheets.  And not forgetting a pen.  So instead of digging in my bag for all the stuff I need, I made myself this.  It folds over nice and neat like my other ones.  It matches my tablet holder and is pink and sparkly. :D

I was planning on making one for my friend today but need more interfacing.  So off to town tomorrow after work.  Hopefully will find time to make it. :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Finally Rose Bobbles


So I have finally got a photo of my bobbles and slides.  Here they are

I urgently need more wool.  I am half way through a ear warmer and ran out.  But working this week so will have to try to pop to shop next week. :D

Not really done much since though.  I am trying to find something to do for the kids in the family, last year I made the little sweets in wine glasses but what to do this year.  Was thinking maybe smoothie cups but its finding them.  Then I thought snowman soup but did that the year before.  Hhhhmmmmm will have to have a think about it :D

Sal x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Crocheting Wire???

Evening all

Not sewn my roses up yet so no piccy's of them I am afraid. 

Today was busy, work then the Range, then my mates for a quick cup of tea and then meeting and school run.  So whilst in the Range (after finding a billion craft sets my daughter would love) I found craft wire.  Now, for xmas last year my husband gave me a book called Wire Jewellery.  So I bought the craft wire and when kids in bed got the book out.  Well, could I do any of it, no I couldnt, everything needed nice beads etc. 

So I looked through google and found nothing and then decided on a simple rose (ran out of red wire)

So rose done, now what.  I found a tutorial on u tube for a ring.

Well, by now I want to make a bracelet.  So off I went to my daughters craft drawers and searched for her little beads that she wont use.

Its tiny but when I use bigger (nicer) beads it should be the right size. 

Am liking crocheting with wire but i do find it difficult to finish it off and weave wire in to make it safe.  More practice is needed. :D

Sal x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012



Finally I have finished Mrs Blobby.  Here she is

I have also been making lots of gold roses which I will put on soon.  Back to my pink with dark pink flecks roses which I love.

Yesterday's blog showing those bobbles and headband and roses I have swapped for these, they are bobbles in my daughters school colours (bit sparkly but you cant see in photo) and an xmas bobble.  My daughter loves them. 

Here is her facebook page if anyone wants to pop over and say hi BowsAndBobbles

Back to making roses.

Sal x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Roses, Roses and More Roses


Well, I am really loving making all these roses.   I can even make them without instructions now! lol

I have put most of them on hair bands to make bobbles.  Also on a baby head band and a small clip.  I love the gold one and have made 2 more that just need stitching together.

Will hopefully have Mrs Blobby in the next day or 2 if I can drag myself away from making roses.

Sal x