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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Getting My Groove Back.....


I have been so busy, not really doing anything, well decorating, and life.  And we got a little puppy.  She is a boxer called Ruby.

So cute.  And really ickle.  She does not like the cold so I crocheted this little jumper for her.  She obviously likes it as she curled up and went to sleep.

But not really done much else.  The lovely lady who does my nails (cheap as she is still training) had a special offer on this week so obviously I had to go for it.  Red tips with gel nails.  Not sure I liked them really so today I bought black nail varnish (£1 in poundland) and got louboutin nails, just need the shoes to match....

But then I decided black looked a bit dull and they needed something so I blinged them.

I know I went way OTT on them, and they wont last (changing nappies tomorrow morning will see to that!) but they look so pretty.  :D

We are still in the middle of decorating, we had a bit of a set back with having to get work done on our bedroom due to leaking bay window roof so hopefully we can get our room done now.  Then its just my eldest room, stairs and landing and kitchen.  And the carpet downstairs but will wait until Ruby a bit better at potty training before we do that.

Sal x