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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Its Nearly Halloween.....

Evening all

I actually got my Halloween outfit sorted out.  I love it.  The kids helped with where to put stuff and my daughter decided on a bat necklace.  And I actually got to use my hot glue gun, I love it, I actually picked off the eye of a penguin (in first photo) just so I could glue it back on :o

These are my clothes before

And these are the after pictures


And of course my accessories, the hair click and necklace

I cant wait to put it all together and see what it looks like :D 
Sal x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mug Warmers Galore

Evening all

I have had a bit of a mug warmer spree.  Here they are:

As you can see I am still a bit minion mad. Cant decide what to make next, might start on my Halloween outfit.
Sal x

Saturday, 19 October 2013



In my hunt for my Halloween Costume I ended up in a closing down shop.  The shop is the ribbon shop I love but all the ribbons have gone.  He still has some buttons though.  So I bought a few.  These cost me £2.70 which I thought excellent considering the larger ones were meant to be £1.20 each! :o

I finished my daughters hat.  Yay!  Took me all day to do the hair so this may be the last one I made lol  Here it is being modelled by my very lovely daughter.

And I am showing off my daughter's work today.  Whilst I was making the hat she decided she wanted to make a purple minion mug warmer.  So she went through my wool and found the purple sparkly wool.  I started her off and helped her a little but she did most of it herself.  I am very impressed.

 And here she is concentrating on sewing the mouth on.  My little mini me :D

I really must start on my outfit.  I have bought all the bits.  I just need to sew spiders and stuff onto it all.  And make sure it fits.  I spent in total £7.50 on it and got most of it from charity shops.  My best buy was the top which still had a tag saying £19.99 and cost me £1.50 :D  And will be used as a going out top after I have removed said spiders!!! lol
Have a great Saturday.
Sal x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Still Minion Mad!

Evening all

I am currently in the middle of making my daughter a purple minion hat.  I found a lovely fluffy purple wool in my stash and it was just enough to do the hat and with a little left over for hair, I will also use sparkly purple for hair and maybe some normal as well.  That is currently a work in progress.

What I have finished is this for my son.  Please excuse his drunken expression :o  he wasn't really.

 Then I made this adult hat.  Might keep it for myself lol

And finally, its nearly Halloween so had to make a pumpkin mug warmer.  I am going to make a Frankenstein one as well.  And I am sure I can find a third one, then fill with sweeties for the kids.

Need to find a Halloween costume for me for the kids youth club Halloween party that I have volunteered at.  Not got a clue what to wear.  Will pop into charity shop tomorrow and see if there is anything I can upcycle.

Back soon

Sal x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mmmmmmmmm Homemade Crunchies

Evening all

I have finally finished the minion hat, yay.

I felt like cooking today so made cinder toffee.  It is so easy to make.  I used this recipe Cinder Toffee and it worked so well.  Then I decided that it would be nicer covered in chocolate.  Note to self, don't cover in melted chocolate and place on a wire rack, trying to get it off after it had moulded round the wire was not the easiest! lol  So the large lumps of cinder toffee were made into little crunchies.

And the small bits of cinder toffee was mixed with the left over chocolate and made a chocolate bar type thing.  Both very nice and neither good for my low carbing! :o

Might just have one more piece ;-)

Sal x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

*Sneaks Back In* Look at My Minions :D

Evening all

Wow!  How long since I have updated! :o

I have been a bit minion mad.  Made these mug warmers, the first one was for my youngest who found the other mug warmers I made:

 Then I made some minion hats.  This is a childs hat.

This is an adult hat

And this hat I made for dd but she doesn't want the blue bit so I have to make her another one!

And, of course, it is October which means we have had a visitor.  She has made herself at home in hubby's gaming chair with his remote eating choccy's lol

Think that's all for me.  I have 2 half made minion hats to finish.  Just need to get motivated.

Sal x