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Friday, 17 August 2012

Productive Day? Urrrmmm no......


I am offically missing my kids.  My daughter is staying with my sister and am really missing her  chatting and my sons are skylandering all the time.  So, did I take advantage of the peace and get things cleaned and sorted?  Of course not, dont be so silly.  I spent the day on pinterest with a few mins this afternoon to reorganise some clothes drawers due to a pin I found.

This is the pin http://www.simpleorganizedliving.com/2011/08/13/clothes-clutter-organizing-all-your-accessories and it really does work.  I have done my 2 drawers like it and now have space for more clothes ;-)  Then I started on hubbys drawers.  Now I should point out that not only were hubbys drawers full he also had a HUGE pile of clothes on top of the chest of drawers which did not fit anywhere.  He now has space for more stuff in the drawers and everything is put away.  And I even folded and rolled his pants so that drawer is no longer overflowing!  Sorry, tmi!!!!  And it really did not take long at all. :D

Amoungst the pins today I have found more projects for me.  And not just sewing ones.  Some of my new projects to add to my to do list are:

Turning a big picture frame into a blackboard for meal planning to be put up in kitchen (just need picture frame, blackboard paint and red paint for the frame)
Menu holder to go on fridge door (we cant afford takeaway but we still have the menus)
Phone/tablet pouch
Rolo cookies
Hello Kitty Hat

The favourites on my computer is getting rather cluttered itself now so should really start making stuff so I can clear it out.

Anyhoo, off to phone my daughter before the boys go to bed.

Sal x

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