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Thursday, 16 August 2012

That'll Learn Me....

Good Evening All

I hope you are all having fun in the school holidays.  I would be if it werent for 'the hole'.  It rained last night and we saw where the water came in and filled 'the hole' with water.  Not good! 

Anyway, not sure if it was because of the panic caused by 'the hole' or because the kids were playing nicely outside but I actually managed to clean the kitchen, and by clean I mean go through all cupboards and drawers and even under the stairs.  I just need to find a home for all my cook books and it will be clutter free.  Except for the stuff I need anyway! :P  But I really dont think my kitchen will ever be clutter free unless I move to a mansion and that wont happen anytime soon.  Although I am quite pleased with what I achieved in there and it is so much easier to clean now that I have very little on the sides. 

My next big cleaning/sorting/decluttering is the dinning room which is currently filled with all the junk from the attic that we decided to clear about a month ago and its still sat there!  Must start on that tomorrow or Monday ;-)

As you may remember I was a little stumped on what to make for my eldest 8th birthday.  I asked him what he wanted me to make.  Big mistake!  He wants a pterodactyl :O  I have searched for patterns but, surprise, surprise, there were none!  So have now drawn a picture of one (sort of, to the best of my abilities) and will try to design my own pattern.  Wish me luck.  Next time I will know better and not ask the boy what he wants, that'll learn me! :D

Sal x

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