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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Funny Looking Stegosaurus lol

Evening all

Ok, so it wasnt a stegosaurus, it was a diplodocus.  Here is where I got the pattern from WolfDreamer Blog  And I got him finished to be told by my youngest that he wants one.  But I think I might try to make a HUGE one for his birthday, gives me plenty of time to make one :D

I am a bit worried about the eyes though, they are sewn on googly eyes and I think I might change them to felt eyes as my nephew is quite young.

And the other dinosaur pattern I have is a triceratops (I know its spelt wrong and probably so are the others) which I have started on for my eldest.  But I am having a night off crochet as my fingers hurt. :(

Thanks for popping by.

Sal x

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