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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sparkly Flowers

Good Evening

Life is getting in the way of my sewing.  Had an excellent weekend with our friends.  Moved the bbq to the bottom of the garden and will do some work down there soon.  The kids decided to learn to climb the tree in the garden.  My daughter climbed the highest which I am very proud and horrified at! I am sure I did the same at her age but my little girl that high up is really not good! :O

So after being totally embarrassed by the garden I decided to make a start on the rock garden bit.  I moved rocks from the bottom of the garden to halfway and went to poundland to get lights and stuff.  And this is the result and yes I do know I have forgotton the plants! lol  I am planning on lavender in the black tubs at the back, herbs in the other pots, coloured pots with more plants in and more lights including twinkling lights on the fence.  :D  Ooohhhh and maybe wind chimes.

The plan is to put lanterns on the kids wooden play house and on our summer house even though we cant use ours as 1) its full of junk and 2) its falling down!  But I want it to look pretty.  Now we just need a bit more nice weather so I can get cracking on it again.

I popped into town yesterday and poundland have pink and purple sparkly wool.  So I am making flowers.  Will put some on hair bands and some on clips.  Coming soon to my folksy shop! lol

Best get back to it.

Sal x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Should have been cleaning....


I have had a majorly busy week.  We have visitors coming this weekend so have been trying to get the house clean (and failing miserably).  I have cut and strimmed the grass and cleaned up the bbq so am keeping everything crossed for the sun to stay so we can have a bbq tomorrow and saturday night.

So was meant to be cleaning this afternoon as I only have tomorrow morning to get the place in order for our visitors but I skived off and did some sewing instead.  I have made this.  Its A4 size (slightly bigger than mine) and has space for A5 diary, notepad and A4 project book and a pocket for paperwork.  I love it as its bigger than mine and I am trying very hard not to keep it for myself! :D

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will be, rain or shine, catching up with some dear friends and playing football with the kids on the newly cut lawn.


Sal x

Monday, 21 May 2012

An Xmas Gift Finished


I have only made the 1 thing this week.  A bag!  I love it.  I even managed to put pockets in it. :D  I did make it for my sister in law but I think its too big for her so will scale down the pattern and my step mother in law can have this one.  I hope she likes it.  Will put some smellies or something inside or maybe a matching organizer for her.

I have some shirts of hubby's (well, mine now - ha ha) taking up space so might try making something out of them and I want to make another organiser like mine.  I am also working this week so not sure if I will have time but fingers crossed i will.  Wow, a busy week for me.

Back soon

Sal x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Art Cases and a Cake :D

Good Afternoon

Thanks for coming back. 

I have been making small art cases for kids this week.  Ideal to keep in your bag if you have a doctors appointment or if you are in a restaurant. 

My first one came out too big.  So I have put in a diary and a A5 notepad and will put it in my folksy shop this week.

So I altered my measurements and made this one.  I like it, must make some for my kids.

My mate then ordered some for her kids, so I have made these 2 very girly ones for them.  Need to buy more pens next week.

And finally here is a huge cupcake that I made with my daughter today.  Its only taken us a month to use the cake mould. :D  Next time I must remember to oil it as half the cake was stuck to the silicone.   Never mind, I am still impressed with how well my daughter did.  Cant wait to eat it later.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Sal x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Plan B or should that be C.......


I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend.  We have been bowling, the cinema (Saturday morning £1.50 each otherwise it would have been £40 :O ), soft play and just spoiling the kids.  Had a great time.  Shame about the weather though as did want to go a few long walks on the beach.  Never mind, only a few weeks until the next one.  :)

I didnt get any sewing done, nor did I even touch the dragon.  But I did crochet this..

I love it.  Its in my folksy shop but I think I need to make one for me.  Its so bright and cheerful (I am liking bright and cheerful at the moment).

After mad cleaning today I am hoping for some sewing over the next few days when hubby is at work and really do need to finish the dragon, or at least sew together the bits I have so I can get inspired again.

Back soon.

Sal x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mine, All Mine

Evening all

As usual my plans didnt quite happen.  But, I did get to the material shop and bought some lovely lovely lovely satin.  So I decided to make myself a diary organiser.  But bigger!

Its so bright and has space for my a4 pad which i will put all important info in, my diary, small notepad for meal plans or something and notepad for shopping lists or any other lists i want to make.  Its great.  And ideal for me and so very very pretty.  :D

Sal x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Made the Organizer, now just ot use it! :D

Hello All, thanks for popping by.

I have done a little bit to my kitchen.  Two red pots on the window sill which I planted 1 hot pepper plant and 1 sweet pepper plant.  And thats about it!!!  But its a start. :D

Still not done anything with the dragon except buy the stuffing.  And whilst there I picked up a 30 bottle Chardonnay wine kit reduced from £24 to £6.  Happy days!  Just need to find time to make it.

Instead of making the kitchen thing I decided to make an organiser for my paperwork and diary.  So I made these. 

Ideal for my diary, notepad, little note book and maybe paperwork.  I can have lots of lists at my fingertips rather than piled up EVERYWHERE.  But my mate had these so had to make more.

I have lots of fabric I like so I made these 3.

This is my favourite one.  I love the colours, so bright and cheerful.

I have to buy more interface tomorrow and then I want to make some kids travel art cases.  Although you may have notice my plans dont always happen! lol

Sal x