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Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday Night n Blogging!!

Good evening everyone. Well, its friday night, I have got a glass of wine and have just finished crocheting a skirt for a sock monkey so thought I would update!
I have added a receipe section. So far only 2 receipes as I am going through all my scraps of paper and writing the ones I like in a notepad and putting them on here. Rocky road and chocolate truffles and they are both really nice. Infact with the chocolate truffles I actually add more biscuits and put in a slug or 2 of baileys. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Anyway, I have started on a witch sock monkey. Here she is. As you can see she isnt finished. I am planning on crocheting her a cat and couldren. And probably sewing her some clothes as the skirt I had planned on giving her is a bit too small! But for now she is on hold as I have made a few other monkeys.

2 Football type ones which my oldest saw and now wants!

One with no clothes on! She has a bow and I think looks lovely!

And the one I have just finished. I crocheted her a head band with a flower on it, a top and a skirt.

And on a final note, whilst looking for the pictures of sock monkeys I found this one. This is my youngest whilst we were at the caravan over Easter school holidays. He would not let the poor thing go! So cute although did remind me of Lenny from Of Mice and Men (think thats the name of the book!!!) :D

See you soon x