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Here are my favourite receipes:

Baileys and White Chocolate Fudge

500g Golden Granulated Sugar
500ml Whipping Cream
50ml Baileys
150g White Chocolate

- Butter and line a tin
- Melt sugar, cream and paileys in pan.  Stir Slowley
- Simmer until sugar dissolved.  Turn up heat to boil. 
- Heat until mixture bubbles.  Keep heating until a small amount of mixture dropped into glass of cold water forms ball
- Stir in chocolate and pout into tin.  Cool and cut.


8oz Butter
4oz Icing Sugar
8oz Plain Flour
4oz Cornflour
Caster sugar to dredge

- Cream butter and sugar
- Blend in flour and cornflour
- Grease tin and press in mixture
- Bake at 150 c for 40 - 45 mins
- Leave to cool for 10min & dredge.

In this picture, I cut the shortbread into shapes.  I rolled it out quite thinkly.  It only took about 10 mins to cook and then i spread edible glitter onto it.  As you can see Otis loved them!!!!!!!! :P

Chocolate Truffles

16 digestive biscuits crushed
1 tin condensed milk
4oz hot choc
2oz butter
5 tbsp ground almonds

- heat milk and butter slowley and add hot choc
- mix crushed biscuits and almonds
- add condensed milk mix to dry mix
- when cooled (i put in freezer for a bit) roll into ball.  you can then sprinkle with icing sugar or cover in melted choc like i did and use a fork to put patten on with white melted choc.

Rocky Road

15oz milk choc
4 oz unsalted butter
4oz mini marshmallows
3oz digestive biscuits broken
3oz glace cherries

- mix marshmallows, biscuits and cherries
- melt choc and butter (i stick it in microwave)
- mix all together
- put into tray and press down firmly
- set in fridge then cut into small squares