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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Another Long Absense!!!!


Sorry, not posted for a while. I have been so busy! And ill!!! This is the first post of the night.

I had an order for a Wanda the Witch type sock monkey called Winnie the witch. Here she is. I just love her hair! Wish I had thought of that for Wanda!!!!

And here is the rest of her order. Nearly my best customer!!

I believe I posted this one before, well here she is as I gave her to my friend after the birth of her beautiful daughter. This now hangs from the pram. I though she looked cute so made a few more!!

Mothers day is looming! Rather than give my MIL a sock animal, I know she loves scotty dogs. I have had this pattern for ages but never got round to making it. Here is the pattern I used http://allsorts.typepad.com/allsorts/2006/05/softie_scotty_d.html and this is what i came up with. Still have to finish my mums mothers day gift. But at least one is finished.

And of course my cats. I love making these. Have made these 2, got 1 more small one in the process (my mums mothers day present) and a large one. Just need to get on sewing machine. You will see why in the next blog that I havent managed to!!!

And finally it was world book day the other week and I wanted to share this photo with you. My 2 boys dressed up. My oldest is hook and my youngest wearing the dinosaur outfit is actually a dragon. He loved dressing up. My daughter was having a strop and refused to be in the picture!

Sorry that I have rushed this. I want to get more piccys on whilst I have the time. Be back in a minute.....