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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Very Merry Chirstmas

I just want to wish my followers and any viewers of my blog a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year. 

Sal xxx

Step Away From the Crochet Hook!!!!!

Evening everyone

You would think after all the crocheting I have done recently and the fact that my fingers are sore, that I would actually want a night off.  But no, I saw a flower tutorial on youtube and had to make one.  So here are tonights makes......  2 are for my daughter and the other one is for my neice so she can match her older cousin.

So very very late now.

Night, night.

Sal x

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I Think I May Have Finished!! :D

Afternoon all

I do believe I have actually finished.  I had run out of cello but a trip to my local florist sorted that little problem and they will order me a whole roll for cost price if I want one.  What lovely people.  Anyway, I have finished the stressed parent hamper for my sister.

More sweetie glasses, these are for mine and my sisters kids.  I think thats around 20 of these I have made now.

This is my hubbys present.  Its a sweetie hamper.  It has a book in it by his fav author that I found in charity shop for 50p.  The sweets are his fav's (parma violets, pineapple rock and plant things with sherbert in) plus a selection box, bullets and all the leftover sweets and choccy from the sweets in glasses.  So its pretty packed out behnd that selection box.

This is the xmas eve hamper for the kids (my 3 and my sisters 2).  They have a sock animal each, slipper socks, popcorn, selection box and snowman soup.

And finally, sock monkey that my daughter is taking to a birthday party later.  I should take taken the picture before wrapping in cello!  Doh!

So I am thinking its all done!  :D

Sal x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Might Actually be Getting There.....

Good Evening All

I have made some headway this weekend and today.

This is the stressed parent hamper for my brother in law.  A mug, coffee, choccy, alcohol and lottery ticket.

And a close up of the poem.

The same for sister in law but with red alcohol.  I gave her a hamper last year with a lottery ticket and she won £8 so hopefully this year they will win more. :D

I have made journal jars for my eldest 2 children.  My oldest is 7 and is top of his class.  My daughter is 5 and is writing at a year 2 level (well, she was a few months ago) so I want to encourage them as my son hates writing and even though my daughter likes to write, I dont want her getting bored.  Here are the journal jars.  I bought the books from the pound shop and decorated my daughters.  I put their photos on the books as well to make them more personal.


I found a sale in New Look online at the weekend.  I bought my daughter a dress.  Its a black and white strappy party dress. I thought she could wear it for new year but was worried she may be cold.  So I made this shrug for her yesterday.  Its the same wool as her scarf and hat set so I know she likes it, and I lined it with a fleece scarf that I bought to make her a balaclava.  I did make her try it on this morning and it fits and she loves it, although is under strict instruction to forget she saw it. lol.  But now she wants a headband to match.

Thankfully I have finished my daughters minion today.  Had to have pink overalls, although the eyes are a tad to big.  But it means tomorrow I can have a go at some sort of hair thing for my daughter.

i hope you like my hampers/makes.  I do actually feel like I can get finished for Chirstmas on time.  I wrapped alot of presents today and am hoping to finish them tomorrow as well as my sisters hamper and hubbys sweetie hamper.  :D

See you soon.

Sal x

Friday, 16 December 2011

Another few presents sorted!

Evening all

I hope your Friday night is going well.

I have finished a few more presents.  This one is for my mother in law.  Its one of the teacups I  bought from the market, liquorish, tea, sented candle and a bracelet.  I made up the poem myself so I hope she likes it.

Next is a cooking hamper for my neice.  I am making the same thing for my daughter as well.

 I decided to make my grandad a quotes in a jar.  For some reason I thought there would be a list somewhere, there isnt!  I found some, then i had to find more and then find more and print them out and cut them up.  Took a lot longer than I thought it would but worth it.

And finally, our Otis has a girlfriend.  Much to my eldest disgust! lol

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sal x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Started the Wrapping (I managed 2! :P)


I have finally starting wrapping. I have bags of presents that need to be out of my ironing basket so decided today was the day!  I wrapped 2 of them!  Here are the sweetie glasses I have put with a homemade minion and a little cooking hamper.  After this I got bogged down with printing journal jars and 101 quotes of the day.  Piccys to follow. :)  But at least I made a start.

So, I have a few started projects from when I had the sewing machine out.  I wanted to try a felt teddy so here she is, i do like her.  For another neice who will be nearly a year and I put a bell inside so she jingles.

I also made one for my nephew to go with the maraccas I bought him (my sister gave mine a musical kit when they were younger so anything that makes noise is good lol), he also has a bell so jingles.  And is very bright.  I might be making more of these next year and they are so relaxing to sew. :)

Thats it for tonight.  I am hoping to wrap a few more presents tomorrow.  I think the only one i need to finish to dd's minion so will have plenty of time.  Keep your fingers crossed for me as I am trying not to panic. :D


Sal x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Is Getting Very Close Now

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming back.  I have been busy this week.  Although not on my daughters minion! 

Here are the snowmen that I crocheted.  My daughter saw them and they are now hanging on my Chirstmas tree.

I found an excellent tutorial for a coaster and have been wanting to make one since.  So on Sunday I had a glass of wine and decided that I should make the coaster for it.  Here it is.  And yes, it did have to be gold!  I do like gold and sparkly! lol

As you can see, it fits my wine glass perfectly :D

So I decided to make another with a different sized crochet hook.  As you can see, it is bigger.  I think I prefere the smaller one so after Chirstmas I want to make a set of them for the dinning room table.  And maybe some placemats to match (although that may take some time)

I have made another little sock monkey to hang from a pram.  Very pink and girly was what I was asked her.  I hope she fits the bill.

The kids are still going mad for Otis.  Here he is playing on the wii.

And here he has a nice treat for the kiddies.  No wonder they love him so much. :D

And finally, yesterday was the Chirstmas party at the Toddler Group I volunteer at.  So decked out in my santa hat, my daughters jingly hair ties and tinsel I swiped from the tree, off I went.  It went well but the looks I got up the school when I picked the kids up..............  lol

Hope you come back soon.

Sal x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas :D


Thanks for coming back. 

At last I am starting to get organised for xmas.  Today I bought a few bits of the sweet glasses hampers (photos when i have made them :D), and some other bits including these georgous teacups and saucers.

The plan is to put a few posh tea bags in them with lindt truffles and put it with sented candle, smellies, and jewellery for an indulgence hamper. I just want to get it all and get started but other things to do.  At least now I am feeling more xmassy.

Off to put the tree up so the kids can decorate it after school.

See you soon
Sal x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lots and Lots of things :D


Thanks for coming back.  Dont forget this is the 3rd post today as I have been having difficulty posting.

Thought I would get everything on here now as I have started another minion for my daughter and have seen some cute patterns for an octopus and snowman tree decoration.  Lots more to do. :D

I have finished the girl elf.  She is looking for a new home with children to play with. :D

I have also personalised some sock monkeys.  These are for hanging (out of babies reach) from pram.

Do you remember the little sock elf from a few posts ago.  Well, I was asked for a mini Santa so he got changed into Santa.  I had forgottenjust how hard it was to crochet using eyelash wool. lol

And another Hello Kitty for another niece, i seem to have alot of them :D.

And, finally, I couldnt not post about Otis.  He is back and has so far eaten the kids choccy, watched tv in daddys chair, made cakes, played on bejewled blitz on facebook and been caught scoffing choccy sugar puffs.  The kids are loving having him here as usual. :D

Time to put kids and Otis to bed so I can get some more crochet done.  Minion or snowman.........

Sal x

Whoo Hoo - its working!!! :D

After a month, yes a month, of trying to publish the last post i have finally managed to.  Yay!  I will have to get to work posting up my latest creations.  Will be back soon.   :D

Sal x

Got My Arse in Gear At Last

Hello Again
I decided I had to finish a few jobs this week. I finished the minion for my nephew and the Dinosaur for my eldest son. So thats the 5th minion I have made. Am thinking of another for another child in the family, they are quite addictive.

I also made a mini elf sock monkey.
I still have an apron to finish so that is next on my list! :D
Have a great day.
Sal x