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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Finally Finished the Heat Bags

Evening all
Managed to get the sewing machine out today.  I fixed our fitted sheet that was ripped at all 4 corners, wont last long but at least it will do for now.
And made some microwave rice heat bags.  They are in the ladybirds in the picture, so this can now be sent to my friend.  Hope she likes them :D

Am still working on a scarf, its not as fast as the last one I made, I just hope it looks as good and is warm, it will be my first Chirstmas present finished if it is :D
Sal x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Quick, I Can Upload Pictures...

Evening all
I have tried every day to put on my pictures and today, my computer is letting me upload.  So here is my hat, I know, same as one I have done before but I am working on a different design for the scarf to go with it.


These are my ladybird hand warmers.  I just need to put a button on them and make the rice bag for the middle of it.  Then post it to my friend and hopefully it will help with her hands as they get painful when cold.

And finally, day 1 of the crochet along, not done any other days and now I see the finished product, I dont think I will.  It looks like a bonnet, I wont wear it and I dont know anyone who would, lovely that it is, its just not me.  So I doubt I will be finishing it.  And doesnt help that what I have done is wrong. lol

So, to do list, rice bags and buttons for ladybirds and scarf.  And then angry bird hat for ds1.  Lots to do as usual :D

Sal x

Monday, 4 February 2013


Evening All

So my computer will not let me upload my photos. :(

I have made another hat, ladybird handwarmers and started a crochet a long. 

So here is the link to the crochet a long, I have looked on her fb page and mine doesnt really look like thiers, its too big for starters, think I may have used a too big crochet hook and wool!  Ah well, will see what its like tomorrow. lol

Here's the link incase anyone wants a go crochet a long

Sal x