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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

1 Down 3 to Go!! :D

Evening everyone

I have finished one of the aliens. yay!!! Got a bit fed up with crocheting him to be honest so glad he is done. Still got the other large alien to do and I have found another crochet hook so can get going on him again now!

But he is a little something for my oldest (who asked for an alien after he saw the little pink one I made my daughter) to open at Christmas. He has asked for a super sock monkey for his birthday so need to get cracking on that.
But more importantly, it is my youngest birthday in just over a week so need to do him something. He loves dinosaurs so I am currently looking at sock dinosaurs!! Also need to finish my started sock monkeys! So much to do.....
See you soon x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Alot Started but Nothing Finished!!


Well, I seem to have started a few things but not got round to finishing anything!!! :( The first one I started was a normal sock monkey. She still needs her nose, eyes, arms and ears!!!

I stopped making her to make a soft cuddly sock monkey for my friends 2 week old baby. I was meant to be seeing her tomorrow but am not now so her arms and ears may have to wait!! She is very soft and cuddly though and the eyes are felt sewn so no hard bits.

I usually make the sock monkeys on an evening when the kids are in bed as I dont like them being about with needles and stuff. So if I do have time to make something when the kids are up I will usually crochet.

I started a HUGE alien (like the pink one I have already made but much bigger), but had to stop that as the hook I was using snapped! I have snapped 2 hooks now! No rude comments please!!! :P

So, as I snapped the smaller hook I started another alien with a larger hook! And this one is taking forever to make. I think when these 2 aliens are finished, if i want to make another large one a very big hook and thick wool is needed!

On a final note. It was my birthday last week and hubby got me this.

There is an exam at the end of the 10 lessons. It is probably the best present he has ever got me. He still hasnt been forgiven for the jamacain dancing hampster 10 years ago!!! :P
I think one of the most amazing things about him giving me this is that he will not like any of the food I have to cook. I love trying lots of new food and i love cooking. Hubby will not eat anything in a sauce so no stews, casseroles, cottage pie, curry etc, no mince, nothing tomatoey (except pizza), very little veg, and no lentils or chickpeas etc. BUT hubby has said he will try EVERYTHING I make and yes I will be holding him to this!!! Lesson 1 - Moroccan Food - chickpea salad, lamb tagine (moroccan type of stew) and couscous. He will not like any of it but I think I will. I will let you know how it goes, not sure if I will make it next week or the week after depending on when I can get the ingredients in. I cant wait!! :D
He has been told the chocolate making and wine tasting courses would be good presents for xmas and mothers day!!! :D
Thanks for popping in. See you soon x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A little bit more work on the Witch!!!

Hello everyone.

The witch now has all her limbs and her hair!! She still needs a hat and clothes. And I really need to think of names. Was thinking of Wanda the Wicked Witch!!! Any ideas gratefully received! And my oldest saw her last night and asked why i have a witch in my sewing bag!!! :P

I have also made this little chappy although I cant decide if he is a boy or a girl so not dressing him.

With this one (who I also cant decide if a boy or a girl) I did his mouth by doing chain stitch. I think it looks quite nice so might make a few like that.

Right, I am off to sit in the garden, which I mowed this morning, and watch the kiddies play. Have a great day everyone. xxx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Teddy Bear for my Nephew

Hello Everyone
I have recently been given 2 carrier bags of wool from my lovely friend. When I went through it I found this adorable fluffy blue wool. I have also recently found out my sister is having a little boy at the end of September so I thought this wool would make a cuddly teddy.

I have to admit I was a bit concerned about the fluff but as you can see, all the fluff stayed on the inside of the teddy.
And here he is. He turned out soft instead of fluffy and for a change he has green eyes and a red nose rather than the black ones I usually do. I hope Dylan likes him when he arrives!! :D

The only other thing I have made recently is another sock dog like the last one I made. I do like how he came out although the photo doesnt do him justice!

And finally I wanted to share this. Today, my lovely hubbie put together the last 2 patio chairs from the shed (been there 3 years) and the patio heater (2 years in the shed) so we rearranged the patio and now this is my favourite place. I played music on my phone and sat out in the sun watching the kids play in the garden. The white fence splits our garden in half as after the fence is very boggy but today it was dry (whoo hoo) so kids played football down there! Just need to get rid of weeds on patio and mow the law and borrow a strimmer and strim the edges!! Not much to do then!!

Thank you all for popping round. See you soon. x