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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Monkeys, Bunnies and a Dinosaur.....

Evening all

Has anyone tried making a cat from my tutorial yet? I was just wondering how you all found it! And I would love to see pictures (if you can upload any to the comments).

I have had some good news this week. Today I started a Childcare and Young Peoples Course Level 2. It replaces the old childcare course and you learn about up to 19 years old. It also overlaps the teaching assistant course so hopefully when I have it I can start working in a school as my youngest will be full time by then and become a teaching assistant eventually. That is the plan. :D


Here is a little sock monkey. I cant believe i have had these socks for months and not used them. I have them in green, purple and blue as well i think. So cute! Will have to dig them out and make them up.

I also had an order for a dinosaur and boy bunnie. Will be making a few more boy bunnies. I like them and have nearly finished another dino. Far too many things started and not finished!! Must try harder!!! :P

These bunnies I made previously and added bows. Might do that for more of the bunnies.

And finally a little boy sock monkey fridge magnet. If my kids had their way our fridge would be covered in little sock monkeys.

Thanks for coming by. You may have noticed the 1 post a day isnt going to work! By the time I have finished my monkeys its usually a bit late and i am sssssssssssooooooooooooo tired.
See you soon x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sssshhhhhhh Sleeping Cats!!!!

Good Evening All

Thanks for coming back. I do have some more makes to show you but I am attempting another tutorial. I made this cat earier and a lovely lady on mse asked for a tutorial of a cat! So am giving it a go. Please bear with me......


Firstly I selected the socks. (So far so good!! :P)

Then I marked out where I was going to sew. I actually used the machine to do all of it (usually I do the ends by hand as I can only sew in straight lines!!! :P), also I made a mistake the first time so its the inside lines that join up that I am using.

Then I drew on the ears for the face. You cant see it very well so look closley. I didnt take a piccy of the tail as I just kind of did it freehand on the machine. I think it came out ok. You will see in a bit.

So here are the bits sewn and turned the right way round.

I then sewed on the features. The paws on the front feet. The eyes and mouth are chain stitch, i think it looks better. The nose is a little felt heart shape.
Next I sewed the paws on the RIGHT way round!!!! :P
Here are all the bits stuffed and ready to sew together.
And the finished little pussy cat........

I hope you can make sense of my ramblings (LJM - I hope this helped) and like my little sleeping pussy cats. Will be back soon with my new makes. Have a fridge magnet, a little one and more.
See you soon xxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Back from Holiday and Working Hard

Hello. Thanks for coming back.

I got back from holiday on Friday. 5 days in Centre Parcs in Cumbria (hi-jacked my sisters holiday!! lol). It was brilliant. Swimming every day, walks in the woods. We saw pheasants, rabbits and ducks. The kids loved it. I loved it. Odd that they wont tell me when they are there next month!!!! :P

But anyway, Friday I was back to sewing. I made more easter bunnies. Waiting for a new delivery of eyes before I can do more.

I have made these 2 pirates. A girl and a boy.

And finally a fridge magnet. The back isnt very good. Largly due to using a round magnet sewn into the back which didnt hold her to the fridge so hubby then gave me a stronger rectangular magnet which i then put in the back underneath the round one and sewn in. Looks a mess BUT i think i have worked out how to do it neater so again, waiting for eyes before I can make more.
Might give her a little bow and keep her for myself. I think she is cute.

I am currently in the middle of making 2 sock dinosaurs. But have run out of stuffing (not eyes this time). Off to town tomorrow then hopefully I will finish them. Might have a look for more socks as the 4 bags of sock I have is obviously not enough!!! lol Seriously, I am getting very worried about my sock fetish!!!! :D
Hope to see you soon. x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Too Early For Easter???

Good Evening Everyone. Thanks for coming back.

Sorry, I didnt post yesterday. I finished this little chap a bit late last night and still couldnt find my lead to connect phone to laptop.

I have found my lead while looking for the one I borrowed off hubby. In HIS laptop bag! Gggrrrr. But all is well now.
I couldnt resist. I saw a pack of 5 socks and I decided they would make such cute little easter bunnies. So they are all sewn (no I havent finished the others, got 6 left to do!!) and finished this little chap. Am working on a spotty one right now as well. I think he is rather cute.

I will be on holiday until next weekend so have a great week and I hope to have more makes on here next weekend.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Can I do it???


Thanks for popping by.

Today I will attempt to put the badge for the Chirstmas Challenge on my blog! Wish me luck - here goes.....

Has it worked???????????????? No, it didnt.
Does the amended one work?????????? Yes it does!!! Yay, go me!! :D
So now you all know where to go to join in with the challenge.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chirstmas Challenge


Sorry, if I just swore at you. I just wanted to tell you about the Christmas (oopppss done it again!!! :P) Challenge I am going to try to do.

Here is the website http://sparklesforumchristmaschallenge.blogspot.com/ (sorry I cant do badges - but if anyone knows how please let me know). Basically its a challenge a month starting next month to help get ahead with Chirstmas (must stop saying that, its only January!!!).

On a sock monkey note, I have done the sewing machine bit for 8 (yes 8) sock monkeys today. 2 blue army ones, 2 green army ones, 2 pink with skulls, 1 blue with skulls and 1 pink leopard skin one. Hopefully I will get one or two finished tomorrow. Running out of eyes so wont get them all done before I go away.

Thanks for stopping by. xxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wow! On time 3 days in a row!!! :D

Hello and thanks for coming back

Not really been up to much today except for ironing! Lots and lots of ironing. I also finished off this little chap. Not sure I will make another in this style as his head is too small, body to big and ears to big, might just have to stick to the way I made them last year but a bigger version.

Not started anything else today as my fingers have been aching from the cold! Hopefully after a night off I will be ok to make more tomorrow. I was thinking small army sock monkeys like I made my boys for xmas. Or maybe a large bright pink one with skulls over it. Will have a root around my socks and decide tomorrow afternoon.
Come back soon. x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fairies, Fairies and More Fairies


Whoo hoo, made it (just!! lol).

Here are my fairies.

And I found my living room floor today. Yay!
Need sleep now. School runs tomorrow. Might have a sock bunny for tomorrow night! :D x

Monday, 3 January 2011



Yay, on time today. Thanks for coming back.

Here she is, finished. Another bling one. I quite like her.

Back to my fairy!!
Tomorrow I am discovering my living room under all the presents. I tried to start earlier but just made it look messier! So another try tomorrow. Wish me luck. xxx

Only A Day Late!!!!

Hiya Everyone

Sorry I am late. I do have an excuse, honest!!! I lost my phone to laptop lead and had to borrow hubby's today. This is one I finished last night. BLING!!! :D

Got a few finishing touches on another bling one which will be on (hopefully) later. Then 3 fairies. Might even get one of them finished today.
I hope you are all more organised than me. I am trying very hard to get my house back from the piles of presents EVERYWHERE!!! I have partially decluttered the kitchen but that will never be clutter free as thats where i keep all my craft/sock monkey stuff. But I have totally decluttered the dinning room. Took most of today, and is looking good. Although not sure how good it will look tomorrow when I have to move stuff out of the living room so we can actually see the floor!!! :P
I should be back later. x

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hello everyone

I hope you all had a brilliant xmas and new year. I spent it with my sister and had a great time. Not been making much, far too busy with kids and lots of their toys to play with!! lol

I did finish the xmas eve hamper sock monkeys and i am pleased to say they all went down well. Here is a piccy of the finished 5.

Other than that I did spend 2 afternoons crocheting this little snowman. I didnt really know how to do a hat for him by crocheting as I just kind of made him up as I went along so might have to give him a hat. Not sure yet. Depends how much time I have.

We only got back today so might have a night of recovering or I might crochet a outfit for a party bling girl sock monkey. I have gold and was thinking of a bra top, mini skirt and knee high boots!!!

I am also going to try joining in with the blog a day challange (exept when I am away unless i learn how to do it on the moby). So I am hoping for something to show you tomorrow, if not it will be Monday so pop back soon.