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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hello Again

Hello Everyone
Welcome back.
I have finally finished the crochet teddy for my oldest son. Although as you can see from this picture I actually used the 3mm crochet hook rather than the 4mm and his leg came out too small!!!!! Ooopppssss!!!! :P

I then redid his leg so I now have a teddy for all 3 of the kids. Here they are:

I did make some bunnies using different techniques from searching on line and have decided to give them to my friends little ones as they cant have too much chocolate. I hope they like them!
And last but not least I have made a sock zebra. I got the sock in the sale and only got 2 pairs. I am kicking myself. I think he is brilliant and want to make lots more but there were no more socks left when I went back! There is even a bit of silver in the socks. A Bling Sock Zebra!!!

On a final note I tried making the toffee vodka into the chocolate mudshake and it was VILE!! The hot chocolate powder just stayed at powder and even after I sieved it, it still wasnt nice! So I will just go back to drinking my toffee vodka straight out of the freezer!!
This week I am making toffee vodka with werthers as they are meant to be the best for making it and also strawberry vodka with chewits. Looking forward to tasting the results!!
Have a great Easter and come back soon!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

2 Weeks Gone By in a Flash

Hiya all

I cant believe 2 weeks have gone by!!! Thank you for coming back.

I have not had time to make my napkins!! Must try harder, I really need them for the kiddies!
Good news this week, I received my vista print order this week for my sales website which I still need to put items on. This is the bag, mug, business card and pen. I love my bag! I cant wait to actually use it!!
I have made the sock dog for my friends birthday and she loved it, it was the closest I could get to a dalmation which is her favourite dog.

It was really fun to make so I made another!!!

I then decided to crochet the kids teddies for easter so dd decided on one made from sparkly wool that my mum gave me which she said feels sparkly. Dh thinks it feels like a brillo pad!!!

This is the teddy for my oldest son. As you can see it is not finished and to be honest I am fed up with crocheting teddies at the moment so might have to rethink that one!! :P

I then decided to make sock bunnies. This is my first attempt:
Hubby thinks it looks like a slug!! Luckily my second attempt was a bit better!
I have also made a drunk sock monkey and a party girl sock monkey to go on my website.
And last but not least meet Ouchie. He is for a little boy who is going to have grommits put in his ears next week. The day I made this the little boys big brother managed to fall over 3 times and get a cut nose, a bump on the head and a bad ear so his mum gave him Ouchie and told him I had put magic dust in the stuffing to make him feel better. Later that night they named him Ouchie and he is now their magic sock monkey who fixes all the bumps and bruises!!

I have also made white chocolate rocky road, milk chocolate rocky road and toffee vodka. Reciepes will follow when I dig them out!! But if you liked the mudshakes (alcoholic choc milkshake) apparently the toffee vodka mixed with milk and drinking chocolate makes one! I will be trying that out and will let you know the results!!
I hope to see you all here again soon!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Another Busy Week


Nice to see you here.
Well, I have had another busy week.

I have finally finished the angel sock monkey with no more supergluing accidents!! :P Here she is:

I have also completed the final 2 for my friend and the man u one for my brother in law

For mothers day I have crocheted my mum a cat although it does look more like a mouse or rabbit to me!!!

This week I need to get a sock dog made for my friends birthday and I bought 3 meters of fabric for £3 in a lovely burgundy to make napkins out of so need to find time to do that.
Looks like another busy week ahead of me.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello everyone

Thanks for dropping by.
Wow, what a busy few days I have had!!!

My friends little boy lost his sock dog so my daughter picked out a pair of socks that I could make into another one. Here is Bob II.

The original Bob was then found so he has 2 now. Their house will be full of sock animals like mine soon!! !!! :D
The fairy wings I made were from a flower making kit from the pound shop which cut it up to make wings.

From this:

To this:

Be warned though, I did manage to superglue my fingers together whilst making it but I prised them apart so all ok!!!! :P
I have still not finished the sock monkey for these wings yet as I have been making this for my mates daughter. She asked for girly!
Hopefully I will be able to finish the fairy/angel one later today before starting on a Man U one for my brother in law as its his birthday next week and I still have 2 more to make for my mate.
Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My first Day Blogging

Hello everyone

I have just set up a blog for all my crafting items. As it says in my profile I am a happily married stay at home mum to 3 wonderful kids and between 3 school runs, housework and cooking everything (almost) from scratch I have little time for much else. I used to just collapse on the sofa at 7.30pm and veg out. In November last year I discovered sock monkeys and loved them so much I decided to make some. Then I read about someone having an elf to visit during December for the kids and thought that would be great fun so in a mad panic I made Otis the Elf Sock Monkey and that was the start of it all!

This year I saw the art of crochet mag advertised and thought that would be fun but got bored of the granny squares so started making toys instead! As well as a dish scrubbie that just confirmed to my husband that I am completely mad!!!

I am always on the lookout for something interesting to make.

My current project is a sock monkey with wings! I have adapted a flower making kit into wings rather than petals and will be working on that today when the kiddies are in bed!

Thank you for looking.