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Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Whoo hoo, lucky find, 4 roses that had not been sewn up.  So here they are on my nice new hair clip.

The kids decided to do their pumpkins today.  This one my daughter drew the face on herself and did some of th carving.

This is my youngest and there is no way I am letting him lose with any sharp impliments! lol

And my eldest sons, he drew it on himself, except I helped a bit with the mouth.  And we both did the carving.  Cant wait for tomorrow.  Will put them all on the mantle lit in the evening.  :D

Happy Halloween everyone.

Sal x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Rose Bobble Anyone?

Evening all

I have finished the crochet part of Mrs Blobby, just need to sew on all her spots now!  Takes so long to do.

But before doing that I have started making crochet roses again as I just love the wool.  Obviously my daughter had to have the first bobble I made.  I think a few of the girls in the family will be getting these for xmas!  Maybe 2 bobbles and a hair band in a set. :D

Must make more roses! :D

Sal x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Long :o


How long as I been gone for, its been a while.  I havent done much but I have finished the dragon for my youngest.

And here is Mr Blobby.  My friend who asked for him asked for another one slightly different for her daughter (this one is for her son).

So when I went shopping I found this wool and thought it was lovely

So as this is for a girl, I am going to make a Mrs Blobby from this wool.  And then try to find lots of other stuff to make out of it as I love it :D
Sal x