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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bunnie Mad!!!!


Had a busy week. Its been half term so have been referee to the kids as well as all my other house wife duties of constant cleaning and cooking!!! But I have managed to squeeze in a few hours of sewing. I have made lots of bunnies.

And here is the finished sock monkey for my almost SIL. I cant wait to see her little girl and get lots and lots of auntie cuddles. And i think the bling dummy looks so cute. Still very dissapointed that i didnt have any when my daughter was a baby. I also found a box that I bought some socks in. I think it looks like a pretty cool baby pressie. and if you want a bling dummy this is the lovely lady i purchased it from http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=119002611482326. Tell you I sent you. xxx

And finally, I have made another sleeping cat for my nieces 2nd birthday. I love making these. I had to amend the pattern but am so impressed how it came out and they are so much fun to make - is that sad that i find making cats and bunnies and fairy sock monkeys fun!!!! Got the fabric for my mums one for mothers day (or might make her a sock cat if i can find fluffy black socks - like her cat).

Hope you all have a good weekend.
Sal xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

So Neglectful......

Hello Everyone

I am so sorry, not posted for a while. I have a few more sock monkeys, a sock teddy and more bunnies. I have also started a new project. But more on that later...

Firstly here are my army monkey. Think I went a bit army mad!

I have also made another pirate. This one has a made with love charm sewn on his ear for his pirate ear ring. But i made him upside down! That'll learn me to rush the sewing machine bit! :(

My sister in law has just given birth so I have this spotty monkey for her new daughter. I am going to sew ribbon onto it so she can be hung from the buggy. My friend is pregnant with a girl as well and I have this one for her already on a ribbon. I also have something else for them so will try and remember to put a piccy of that on as its so cute....

I bought some heart shaped buttons and apart from my bunnies, i couldnt think of anything to put them on as my monkeys dont have noses. So i thought i would try and make a sock teddy. He is a diddy one.

And here are my sock bunnies. I have made 2 medium ones and lots more small ones. I do like the medium one with a red bling nose. I love those buttons. Going to buy more of them! :D

And my new project....
Drum roll please.....
I saw a lovely cat pattern on the internet a while ago and thought I would have a go at making it. I went through a bag of my daughters old clothes and found some lovely pj's and a nightie and made this cat (had 2 of the bling buttons)

I am not totally happy with the cat as she looks ok in the photo but after a while her feet curled up. So I amended the pattern. And as i was amending the pattern i made this dog.
He is made from my sons old fleece blanket but his body looks like a turkey!!! lol It did help to amend the pattern for the cat but I then need to amend the dog pattern so more like dog not turkey.
I am halfway through making another cat with the ameded pattern for my neices birthday. i even bought some lovely fabric with strawberries and toadstools on. Will be finishing her off later.
Phew, thats alot of makes. Must come back more often. I am still having a mental block with regards to the xmas tree for the blog challenge. might have to give up on that one as running out of time. :(
Sal x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Should be Ironing.....

Good Afternoon

Not updated for a bit so thought that was ALOT more important than doing any ironing. So my recent makes....

A sargeant sock monkey and I had an order for a knitting nana. I love my knitting nana's although am still not liking the tiny little knitting with the tiny little knitting needles!!! :P

I had an order from my friend for a fridge magnet sock monkey. But the kitchen it was for is white and the fridge silver so nothing pink was allowed (she is moving in with her boyfriend soon so had to match). Well, I couldnt do it totally white so she has a blue bow. She was a bit fiddly to make as I used newborn socks.

And more cats..... I love making the cats. I have just ordered lots of different coloured heart buttons for their noses. They are quite small though so will be for the small kids sock cats.

I am going to put in a huge effort this week to sew all the part made ones up. Starting with the pirate I think. So job for tonight - Pirate!
Will be back soon. x