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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Too Early For Easter???

Good Evening Everyone. Thanks for coming back.

Sorry, I didnt post yesterday. I finished this little chap a bit late last night and still couldnt find my lead to connect phone to laptop.

I have found my lead while looking for the one I borrowed off hubby. In HIS laptop bag! Gggrrrr. But all is well now.
I couldnt resist. I saw a pack of 5 socks and I decided they would make such cute little easter bunnies. So they are all sewn (no I havent finished the others, got 6 left to do!!) and finished this little chap. Am working on a spotty one right now as well. I think he is rather cute.

I will be on holiday until next weekend so have a great week and I hope to have more makes on here next weekend.

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