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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chirstmas Challenge


Sorry, if I just swore at you. I just wanted to tell you about the Christmas (oopppss done it again!!! :P) Challenge I am going to try to do.

Here is the website http://sparklesforumchristmaschallenge.blogspot.com/ (sorry I cant do badges - but if anyone knows how please let me know). Basically its a challenge a month starting next month to help get ahead with Chirstmas (must stop saying that, its only January!!!).

On a sock monkey note, I have done the sewing machine bit for 8 (yes 8) sock monkeys today. 2 blue army ones, 2 green army ones, 2 pink with skulls, 1 blue with skulls and 1 pink leopard skin one. Hopefully I will get one or two finished tomorrow. Running out of eyes so wont get them all done before I go away.

Thanks for stopping by. xxx


  1. Hi Sal

    Thank you for your post and support for our new challenge blog, to put the badge on your post, right click on badge and click save as, save it to where you would save your photo's then add it as a photo on your post then add link, hope i've explained that ok for you if not i'm sure someone else will help you lol, i look forward to seeing your project when we get going hugs Shaz.

  2. Thanks Shaz. Will have a go at that later. I think I know what you mean. x