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Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hello everyone

I hope you all had a brilliant xmas and new year. I spent it with my sister and had a great time. Not been making much, far too busy with kids and lots of their toys to play with!! lol

I did finish the xmas eve hamper sock monkeys and i am pleased to say they all went down well. Here is a piccy of the finished 5.

Other than that I did spend 2 afternoons crocheting this little snowman. I didnt really know how to do a hat for him by crocheting as I just kind of made him up as I went along so might have to give him a hat. Not sure yet. Depends how much time I have.

We only got back today so might have a night of recovering or I might crochet a outfit for a party bling girl sock monkey. I have gold and was thinking of a bra top, mini skirt and knee high boots!!!

I am also going to try joining in with the blog a day challange (exept when I am away unless i learn how to do it on the moby). So I am hoping for something to show you tomorrow, if not it will be Monday so pop back soon.


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