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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sssshhhhhhh Sleeping Cats!!!!

Good Evening All

Thanks for coming back. I do have some more makes to show you but I am attempting another tutorial. I made this cat earier and a lovely lady on mse asked for a tutorial of a cat! So am giving it a go. Please bear with me......


Firstly I selected the socks. (So far so good!! :P)

Then I marked out where I was going to sew. I actually used the machine to do all of it (usually I do the ends by hand as I can only sew in straight lines!!! :P), also I made a mistake the first time so its the inside lines that join up that I am using.

Then I drew on the ears for the face. You cant see it very well so look closley. I didnt take a piccy of the tail as I just kind of did it freehand on the machine. I think it came out ok. You will see in a bit.

So here are the bits sewn and turned the right way round.

I then sewed on the features. The paws on the front feet. The eyes and mouth are chain stitch, i think it looks better. The nose is a little felt heart shape.
Next I sewed the paws on the RIGHT way round!!!! :P
Here are all the bits stuffed and ready to sew together.
And the finished little pussy cat........

I hope you can make sense of my ramblings (LJM - I hope this helped) and like my little sleeping pussy cats. Will be back soon with my new makes. Have a fridge magnet, a little one and more.
See you soon xxx

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