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Monday, 3 January 2011

Only A Day Late!!!!

Hiya Everyone

Sorry I am late. I do have an excuse, honest!!! I lost my phone to laptop lead and had to borrow hubby's today. This is one I finished last night. BLING!!! :D

Got a few finishing touches on another bling one which will be on (hopefully) later. Then 3 fairies. Might even get one of them finished today.
I hope you are all more organised than me. I am trying very hard to get my house back from the piles of presents EVERYWHERE!!! I have partially decluttered the kitchen but that will never be clutter free as thats where i keep all my craft/sock monkey stuff. But I have totally decluttered the dinning room. Took most of today, and is looking good. Although not sure how good it will look tomorrow when I have to move stuff out of the living room so we can actually see the floor!!! :P
I should be back later. x

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