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Monday, 17 January 2011

Back from Holiday and Working Hard

Hello. Thanks for coming back.

I got back from holiday on Friday. 5 days in Centre Parcs in Cumbria (hi-jacked my sisters holiday!! lol). It was brilliant. Swimming every day, walks in the woods. We saw pheasants, rabbits and ducks. The kids loved it. I loved it. Odd that they wont tell me when they are there next month!!!! :P

But anyway, Friday I was back to sewing. I made more easter bunnies. Waiting for a new delivery of eyes before I can do more.

I have made these 2 pirates. A girl and a boy.

And finally a fridge magnet. The back isnt very good. Largly due to using a round magnet sewn into the back which didnt hold her to the fridge so hubby then gave me a stronger rectangular magnet which i then put in the back underneath the round one and sewn in. Looks a mess BUT i think i have worked out how to do it neater so again, waiting for eyes before I can make more.
Might give her a little bow and keep her for myself. I think she is cute.

I am currently in the middle of making 2 sock dinosaurs. But have run out of stuffing (not eyes this time). Off to town tomorrow then hopefully I will finish them. Might have a look for more socks as the 4 bags of sock I have is obviously not enough!!! lol Seriously, I am getting very worried about my sock fetish!!!! :D
Hope to see you soon. x

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