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Friday, 26 November 2010

Not Done Much....

I am waiting for 3 deliverys of eyes so havent been up to much. I have made a football one.
and another elf. Still got a girl elf to dress but that one might be given to the school.
and 2 more reindeer. The one with brown antlers will be for the school and the one with pink antlers will be staying with us if she doesnt sell before 1st December. My daughter will love her and as I have to do an angel for the school and an order and i only have 2 pairs of the angel socks the kids wont get their angel this year. But a reindeer will be loved just as much.
Best get the girl elf finished and update our Otis's clothes from last year! Or at least I would if it wasnt so cold and my fingers worked a bit better!!! :P
Hope to see you soon and fingers crossed i will have lots to show you.
Sal x

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