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Friday, 10 December 2010

Lots of Monkeys and a Xmas Card

Hello, thanks for poppy by.

I have been busy monkey making. Here is a Newcastle United one for one of my mums friends. I quite like him, much friendlier that the one I made hubby last year then then that was an angry sock monkey based on hubby!!! :P

Here are some xmas monkeys. Not found many Chirstmas socks I like. Infact not found any socks I like recently! I went on a sock hunt on Wednesday and only bought a childs pack of 3 which will do for my 2 boys for their xmas eve hamper. I couldnt get any more fairy socks (have lots of interest in the fairys - see below!) and I couldnt get any more green/black stripe socks for elves either.

My fairys. I love making fairy sock monkeys. I think they are so pretty. My auntie wanted one so I made 2 so she could choose. She chose the spotty one. Then when she received it asked for the other one as well but I had already donated that to the school Chirstmas fayre and when I popped into town on Wednesday I couldnt find any more of the socks to make more. Even more annoying was that I found pink wings with a pink wand and I do like pink!

And on a lighter note. I usually volunteer on Thursdays for a toddler group and was asked to cover sick at a different toddler group this morning. Craft was making Chirstmas cards. Here is mine. I am quite impressed with it!!! :D Its the Christmas parties next week and as my kids break up from school on Thursday I might take them to the Friday group so they can play with glitter there rather than in my dinning room! Fed up with hoovering the stuff up!! lol

I should be back with more monkey makes soon. Have done the machining for 5 sock monkeys for xmas presents, 5 for the xmas hamper, 1 spare boys one (just in case) and I have been asked for a grandad sock monkey who is fishing!! Cant wait to see what I come up with for him.
See you soon x

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