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Friday, 3 December 2010

Santa Claus is Coming To Town.....

Hiya Everyone

Its starting to feel a little bit like Chirstmas now. I have been monkeying away. Here is santa, couldnt make him until I received the fluff (swan down edging). I also gave him a bell on a red ribbon wrapped around his arm saying BELIEVE. Can you tell I just watched Polar Express!! :D

I have had loads of orders for elves. The first 2 I made with what I had left (then used the last of the white fabric for Otis) then had to use my 'fluff' for the last elf, hubby thinks he has made a 'lifestyle choice'. Dont think I will be making any more of them, well, except finishing the one for the school. But as it was shut today, unless the weather gets better they may have to cancel the fete.

My friend wanted one for her daughter so I made these 2 for her to choose. She chose the cow one as her daughter is sometimes called moo!!!! Funny that, so's mine!!! :P

I wasnt feeling well yesterday. I have started to take the kids up the school on a sledge. I drag my daughter and youngest son there on a morning, then drag my youngest back from nursery and then drag my oldest son and my daughter back at end of school. Its hard work!!! So really felt the strain last night and was in agony so didnt make any monkeys. But me being me, I cant just sit here doing nothing so I crocheted these rings.

I gave the first one to my daughter and i have kept the second one for me. We both HAD to wear them today so we could match. Bless her! She has started to knit a scarf. She is only 4 and got a childs knitting ring thing for xmas last year. Well, its taken until now for me to figure out how it works!!! So she has started her scarf. She has done about 1 inch but it kept her quiet for 2 afternoons!! :D
We have also had Otis visit us again. Give me a few mins and I will have this years Otis in his own folder.
Hope you come back soon. xxx

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