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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Knitting Nana

Hello again.

Twice in one day! How busy have I been!!!! :D

I have finished 1 of the knitting nana's. Here she is. Complete with glasses, shawl and, of course, her knitting! I find knitting hard on real needles but using cocktail sticks is really rather hard!! :P Thats why there isnt much there. But I do like her. Need to finish the other one now as well. Its just her shawl and knitting that needs to be done but that just takes me ages!!!!

I also made my angel/fairy. Again with bells on the skirt. Makes a rather nice Chirstmas jingle I think. And as before the wings are removable and so is the skirt and necklace. But the halo isnt.

Right so, my to do list, 1 knitting nana, 2 elf sock monkeys, 1 football sock monkey, 5 that need stuffing and 2 santas. think thats all!!!! :P

Might have the other knitting nana finished tomorrow. xxx

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