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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Its SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Thanks for coming back!

After the elves last time, I have now made Santas. First this little on was ordered.

And then I was asked for a big Santa. This is the first one I made (I only bought enough fluff for 1!)

But she didnt like the yellow sock so a quick finish of another sock and change of clothes and this green Santa was made.

I need to make another green one and will probably make the clothes for the yellow one and give to my kids as my daughter was quite taken with him. I also need to give Otis the Elf Sock Monkey new clothes and set him up on facebook for the kids! There are a few people doing this so he should have a few Elf friends!!! Yay, its not just me that is completely loopy!!! :P

And finally another order.

Going to have a weekend off (well, maybe just knitting some scarves) as I am a bit fed up of stabbing myself at the moment. So will try and get a Elf and 2 nanna's stuffed tonight and then work on the clothes next week.

See you soon. x

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