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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scarf Anyone....

Good Morning All

I have been busy with college work (ok, that's a lie, I have done a bit of college work and nothing much else really).  But one of my mum friends on netmums posted about this scarf she wanted to make.  The tutuorial is here diy-t-shirt-scarf

So que me raiding hubby's waldrobe.  I found a pale yellow t-shirt and made this.....

For the beads I raided my daughters jewellery making kit, and yes I will replace them but will prettier ones so she wont mind.  I have also found a red t-shirt of hubbies and some bright plastic beads (again thanks to my daughter)  so that will be something for me to make tonight! :D

And here's me wearing the scarf.  To which hubby replied "well that wont keep you warm will it".  Not sure he approves of my new use for his t-shirts!!!! lol

See you soon.

Sal x

1 comment:

  1. SOOOO pretty! How did you manage this?

    Came across your blog on the Netmums Craft Swap page btw - loving what you're doing. You can find me on http://crymamma.blogspot.co.uk/ and https://frankiesoup.wordpress.com/