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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

No Wool..... :(

Good Evening

After running out of wool yesterday when making my head band, I went hunting today.  I went to the shop I bought it from originally and another shop I have since seen it in.  Neither had it.  Ok, not so much of a hunt really.   After pondering on this predicament I remembered something my mum had given me so off I went to the back of the cupboard under the stairs and buired within a huge sack was this.

It can be crocheted with the wool.   But would it look ok.  The hair band is red with red sparkly bits.  This would make a red (normal red) with blue bits.  More pondering was needed......

So back to the dinosaur.  Eyes finished and here he is.  He is like the one I made my son for xmas but smaller.  Must have used a smaller crochet hook.

And now to my flower, I thought I would give it a go.  You cant see very well in this picture but it has blue flecs, although it looks oddly pink.

Finally it is sewn onto the hair band.  Do excuse my hair, been tied up all day DIYing so a bit scraggly.

I am happy with it and it is red, honest, not sure why it keeps coming out pink.  But I will be looking out for more red sparkly wool. :D

Sal x

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