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Friday, 27 January 2012

Nearly the End of the Month Already!


Wow, is anyone else shocked at how quick this month has gone?  I had decided that I would made 1 Chirstmas/birthday present a month and I have very nearly failed in the first month.

But I did make myself a bracelet last night.  This is my first attempt...

As you can see, its very uneven.  So my second attempt.....

This one is slightly more even  but i think the gold is quite hard to work with.  I do like my bling button on it though! :D

So back to my Chirstmas/birthday presents.  I tried to start a pikachu for my son as he loves pokemon and then discovered i have no yellow wool left.  So started on a Hello Kitty for my daughter instead.  I have done around 12 rounds.  But in my defence, tonight is pizza and film night so kids up late and I am drinking wine and we are on our second rubbish film that will probably get turned off in a minute like the last one! :D

I will be back  before 1st Feb with the finished Hello Kitty (I hope).

Sal x

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