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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

No New Crafts

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year.

I havent made anything since being home as, well, looking for inspiration and had to get a bit of college work done (which I have just finished).  But I just wanted to share this picture of my daughter wearing her lovely new party dress and the shrug I crocheted her.  Her make up was put on by her older cousin and she loved being pampered.  Well it was for a new year party.  She will have to wait for the next new year before wearing make up again!!! lol

After new year we went to Centre Parcs for a week.  It was so much fun if a little tiring.  When we turned up they still had all the Christmas lights.  There were lit up reindeer everywhere and these trees which the kids loved.  My oldest had to be in on the photo.

And finally, here is the back yard the kids have had for a week.  Shame it rained so they didnt get out there much to play.  But when they did they loved it.  And we saw rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and a deer.  :D

But everything comes to an end.  And after a week of swimming, bowling, walking and spotting animals we are home.  School has started and I am cleaning and decluttering the house.  I really need to find room for all the toys the kids got.

I am now looking for my next project.  Should really be an Christmas present to put away for next year.  So either a pink dinosaur or a hello kitty.  But I would like to try something new......

Hopefully back soon with some new makes.

Sal x

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