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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Started the Wrapping (I managed 2! :P)


I have finally starting wrapping. I have bags of presents that need to be out of my ironing basket so decided today was the day!  I wrapped 2 of them!  Here are the sweetie glasses I have put with a homemade minion and a little cooking hamper.  After this I got bogged down with printing journal jars and 101 quotes of the day.  Piccys to follow. :)  But at least I made a start.

So, I have a few started projects from when I had the sewing machine out.  I wanted to try a felt teddy so here she is, i do like her.  For another neice who will be nearly a year and I put a bell inside so she jingles.

I also made one for my nephew to go with the maraccas I bought him (my sister gave mine a musical kit when they were younger so anything that makes noise is good lol), he also has a bell so jingles.  And is very bright.  I might be making more of these next year and they are so relaxing to sew. :)

Thats it for tonight.  I am hoping to wrap a few more presents tomorrow.  I think the only one i need to finish to dd's minion so will have plenty of time.  Keep your fingers crossed for me as I am trying not to panic. :D


Sal x

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