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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Is Getting Very Close Now

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming back.  I have been busy this week.  Although not on my daughters minion! 

Here are the snowmen that I crocheted.  My daughter saw them and they are now hanging on my Chirstmas tree.

I found an excellent tutorial for a coaster and have been wanting to make one since.  So on Sunday I had a glass of wine and decided that I should make the coaster for it.  Here it is.  And yes, it did have to be gold!  I do like gold and sparkly! lol

As you can see, it fits my wine glass perfectly :D

So I decided to make another with a different sized crochet hook.  As you can see, it is bigger.  I think I prefere the smaller one so after Chirstmas I want to make a set of them for the dinning room table.  And maybe some placemats to match (although that may take some time)

I have made another little sock monkey to hang from a pram.  Very pink and girly was what I was asked her.  I hope she fits the bill.

The kids are still going mad for Otis.  Here he is playing on the wii.

And here he has a nice treat for the kiddies.  No wonder they love him so much. :D

And finally, yesterday was the Chirstmas party at the Toddler Group I volunteer at.  So decked out in my santa hat, my daughters jingly hair ties and tinsel I swiped from the tree, off I went.  It went well but the looks I got up the school when I picked the kids up..............  lol

Hope you come back soon.

Sal x