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Monday, 19 December 2011

Might Actually be Getting There.....

Good Evening All

I have made some headway this weekend and today.

This is the stressed parent hamper for my brother in law.  A mug, coffee, choccy, alcohol and lottery ticket.

And a close up of the poem.

The same for sister in law but with red alcohol.  I gave her a hamper last year with a lottery ticket and she won £8 so hopefully this year they will win more. :D

I have made journal jars for my eldest 2 children.  My oldest is 7 and is top of his class.  My daughter is 5 and is writing at a year 2 level (well, she was a few months ago) so I want to encourage them as my son hates writing and even though my daughter likes to write, I dont want her getting bored.  Here are the journal jars.  I bought the books from the pound shop and decorated my daughters.  I put their photos on the books as well to make them more personal.


I found a sale in New Look online at the weekend.  I bought my daughter a dress.  Its a black and white strappy party dress. I thought she could wear it for new year but was worried she may be cold.  So I made this shrug for her yesterday.  Its the same wool as her scarf and hat set so I know she likes it, and I lined it with a fleece scarf that I bought to make her a balaclava.  I did make her try it on this morning and it fits and she loves it, although is under strict instruction to forget she saw it. lol.  But now she wants a headband to match.

Thankfully I have finished my daughters minion today.  Had to have pink overalls, although the eyes are a tad to big.  But it means tomorrow I can have a go at some sort of hair thing for my daughter.

i hope you like my hampers/makes.  I do actually feel like I can get finished for Chirstmas on time.  I wrapped alot of presents today and am hoping to finish them tomorrow as well as my sisters hamper and hubbys sweetie hamper.  :D

See you soon.

Sal x

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